How to remove or remove watermarks in Photoshop? - Step by step

If you want to define yourself as a complete designer one day, just a diploma is not enough, you have to work even harder and learn how to use all the tools created especially for you. With that in mind today's quote is for you to see How to remove or remove watermarks in Photoshop?

It may seem complicated, but it really isn't. And this is thanks to Photoshop, as this program simplifies any operation in seconds, thanks to the fantastic interface it has and ai numerous tools with which anyone can play (you can and should get this program from your official website)

    What is a watermark?

    Before you start remove or remove watermarks in Photoshop, you must first understand what they are, so that the information you receive stays in your brain forever.

    Basically they are like the signature or mark left by the author of a design, logo or photo, for avoid illegal distribution by companies who do not have the rights to it (something like copyright).

    Such a signature is usually placed in one of the corners of the image, with a high level of transparency (so that do not interrupt the viewing of the drawing ). Designers, the most famous brands and even mobile phones use them when taking photos (Phostoshop itself allows you to insert or write the copyright or trademark symbol).

    How to remove or remove watermarks in Photoshop?

    Now is the time for you to see how quickly remove a watermark without much effort (remember to use these steps legally, i.e. do not violate the property of others without permission).

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    For example, learning how to do this is useful for deleting watermarks that sometimes appeared in a photo taken with mobile phone, because we didn't know how to remove the feature. in this way we can remove it and have our souvenir photo very clean and beautiful.

    To start the process that will allow you to remove watermarks from an image, you need to follow the following steps:

    1 cousin

    Go to the tools and select the option "Clone stamp", then zoom in on the watermark you want to remove.

    Then go to the tool " Brush "and choose from the options that appear at the top right "Brush size ", in the box that will appear, write a low number so that the brush is reduced.

    2. Second

    After finishing the previous step, you need to press the ALT key to be able to select a part of the image with a color similar to that under the watermark. With the reduced brush, paint over the watermark.

    To keep it tidy, choose colors similar to those of the background of the brand, and paint gradually with each one, this will avoid it noticing that you have changed anything (in case there is only one color under the brand, then it will not be necessary to repeat the process).

    With the above ready, you already know how to remove or remove watermarks in Photoshop, it should be noted that depending on the effects you know how to use, this trick will be better or worse for you. But only with the given steps should you be able to achieve your mission. Also to complete the information you can find how to remove the watermark from an image without programs (in case you delete or lose Photoshop) .

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    And keep in mind that if one day the cards are turned, you can also put a copyright watermark on an image in Photoshop, because it's very simple.

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