How to remove or uninstall WebDiscover Browser from my PC in Windows 10/8/7 - Very easy

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Many users want to uninstall Webdiscover Browser from their Windows computers, mainly because they prefer a browser other than this one.

While it is possible to completely delete this browser from the system, there is also the mode in which from the home screen only the bar or menu is removed .

Next, we will see both procedures, which are worth mentioning that they are applicable for both Windows 10, as well as versions 8 and 7.

It is important to know which browser is the most recommended according to your PC to avoid problems while using it.

      Steps to remove WebDiscover from view

      For users who want to hide or remove the browser belt of this add-on from view, the procedure will be very simple. Well, just kill the processes that keep it open.

      First, you must be on your PC desktop screen, to be able to press the " Alt + Ctrl + Cancel ". You can also right-click the taskbar and then click the option to open " Activity management " to complete the same action.

      The system will display the administrator window, where you need to choose the tab " Processes " on the upper waistband to have full access to this section.

      So, the next thing you will do is scroll through the list of processes until you find the activity" Webdiscover Browser ". So that later, right-click on the item and choose the option " End activity ".

      This way you will see how the system removes the machined unit from the list. You must repeat this action with all list items that carry the name or include it.

      When finished, you can return to the desktop and we recommend that you press " F5 " to update it, this way you will have removed the search engine from the home screen. However, you have to remember that it was not intended to uninstall WebDiscover Browser.

      In case you still find the search bar on your computer, it is possible that you have forgotten to terminate some process. If so, you just need to double check and make sure you complete them all, no exceptions.

      Do you want to completely uninstall WebDiscover Browser?

      After performing the above procedure, you can proceed with the following steps to completely remove this browser.

      In order for the system to allow you to uninstall WebDiscover Browser, you must first go to the " Panel control ". The easiest and fastest way is to use the Windows search engine located on the taskbar.

      However, you can also search directly in the menu " Home ", in both cases you must type the name " Control Panel "and access it.

      As a result, the system will display a number of options for " Adjust computer settings ". Of the available icons there will be one called "Programs", you have to choose the access that is below, the one that says " Uninstall a program ".

      With this, the new window will show you a list with all those applications that you have installed on your Windows computer.

      You will now have to scroll and search until you find the WebDiscover item you want to uninstall, it will have the browser version you have next to its name.

      In the next step, you will only have to select the file and click on it with the right mouse button. Thus, the system will provide the option " Uninstall ", which the user will choose by clicking or pressing " Submit ".

      Also, Windows will ask you if you really want to uninstall, to continue you must click on " OK ". The process may take some time, so you will have to wait.

      Is it possible to confirm if it has been removed?

      The best way to check if the uninstall was successful is to perform a direct search for WebDiscover.

      That is, you can open any folder that is on the PC so that you have access to the search bar which is usually located in the upper right corner.

      In it, you need to write " Webdiscover Browser ". If the results show nothing, then you have successfully uninstalled WebDiscover Browser.

      If you want to try another type of browser you can always try installing and downloading Brave Browser or you could try the anonymous browser

      No matter which browser you use, you want privacy, you can always stop the browser you use from tracking your internet activity.

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