How to remove or unlink Andorid devices from the Google Play Store

With the arrival of mobile phones, there are more and more advances and the tools they provide, mobile phones have become part of our daily life to photograph ourselves, make calls or investigate the internet, multiple tools and forms of use that are given to these mobile phones.

What is really true is that the devices that have the Android system require the update of the Google Play Store, in this store you will be able to download applications such as games, music, movies. Cell phones have had a great influence in our life, managing to have a lot of fun. Likewise, they help us in many of our activities and tasks.

This application store is connected to our system and within the applications you need are shown by category, so it will help you more easily and quickly to get what you are looking for. But if you sold your mobile or just bought a new one and you have to disconnect the Play Store account from your mobile, keep reading because here we will teach you.

How to use the Google Play Store?

If you have need digital content on your android you have to go to the play store application store in this for more usefulness you have to go in and at the top of the screen you will get one of the best tools that the store has and this is the toolbar. .

If you need an application, you just have to click on this search bar and write the name of the application you want, whatever your interest is. Well, there you will get applications for many needs , from exercise routines, to food recipes, to questions to book a flight.

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For example, if you want a song application , books, a flashlight, everything that interests you and that your mobile has the necessary storage space. Further along the left edge will be the button to open the application menu, represented by three stripes.

It is one of the best virtual stores, but that doesn't mean that è per this that it must be perfect as many technological tools they can have errors, even the best things fail one day and sometimes it must have an error with the connection for that reason why you need to Troubleshoot internet connection problem in Google play store.

What can you download from the Google Play Store?

Many times you may wonder how much I can download in this application store, how far its usefulness really goes. And the real reality is that you can find everything and for all tastes, covers many of the users' needs .

Best of all, it also counts simultaneously on updates of these applications , simply by clicking on it we proceed to download it to our mobile phone. We can include that the number of questions is quite high, it is about 3.000.000 questions.

Previously it had no paid apps, but today it does decide in the shop what you really want . If you have the accessibility to use payments you can do it. It should be noted that another important point is to update all pending applications.

How to remove or unlink Android devices from the Google Play Store

The first thing we need to do is insert the settings in the Google Play Store , the next step would be to go to the list of my devices and look for the section that says visibility. The second thing you should do is uncheck show in menus and your problem would be solved.

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In many cases it usually happens that we have many positives associated with it, in some cases on cell phones that we no longer use or pass them on to someone else. For this reason there we accumulate in the Play Store list . It is possible that when downloading an application an unknown device error will be thrown, as many things can get saturated in some way and it is not what we want or really need.

It is important to know that this process can take a few minutes, it is not always immediate, if somehow it takes a long time you can repeat the procedure or it is advisable to wait a few seconds in the configuration section until you have saved the result. Play Store currently accepts these settings without any additional action, you just need to follow the necessary steps.

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