How to remove or unlock my PC screen monitor OSD?

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All LCD and CRT monitors have a built-in function known as the On Screen Display (OSD), but sometimes the OSD needs to be unlocked. This crash, which can be accidental or due to a computer error, can be solved easily and in just a few steps.

    How to unlock the OSD on any monitor?

    First, you should know that most monitors have a series of buttons, usually on the bottom or front and bottom. These will be of great help to you in solving this annoying problem, just follow some instructions and you will be ready, you don't have to worry.

    Before you start, check that nothing is pressing the " Menu "because sometimes this can be the cause of the freeze. To continue, there are two ways to unlock, these are universal, almost all monitors have one or the other way.

    To try the first one, press the " Menu ”For at least 15 seconds, this should remove the block, otherwise use the following method. Press the button once " Menu "to access the monitor options, scroll with the buttons "+" e "-", you should find the OSD menu.

    While you are there, a screen will likely appear that will allow you to select whether you want to activate or deactivate the lock, press the button corresponding to " DO NOT "With that, the crash message should go away, if not, there is a third method that you might consider a little more abrupt.

    Although it seems illogical, many times this message is an activation error in the monitor, so the ideal is to restart it. Press the button " Power ”To turn it off and then disconnect it for at least 5 minutes, the message will disappear when you turn it on.

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    Why is it necessary to lock or unlock the OSD?

    Monitors, especially the more up-to-date ones, usually have physical buttons that can be touched or pressed, these buttons can make it a little difficult to use the monitor. Especially when they are tactile, which with anything can open or change some color or configuration of the monitor and complicate its use.

    OSD lock is an option that all monitors have out of the box and usually includes quick access, which is why it can be easily locked. For gamers and content creators, OSD lock is essential , because it prevents any unexpected situation from damaging a game or loading files (and, for example, nobody wants that when you connect an external monitor to a portable HDMI and connect an iPad with a monitor, there is a problem that affects both end of device enabled, everything is for safety)

    What are the hotkeys to lock and unlock?

    On some monitors it's quite easy to lock and unlock the OSD menu, it's a matter of pressing a few buttons and voila. First, keep in mind that there are maybe a couple of options, so they will be described separately so you can test which one is the one for your monitor.

    The main option is to press the " Menu "for at least 5-10 seconds, this will disable the buttons on the monitor. To unlock it, you need to press the same button for 10-15 seconds.

    The other option available is to lock the buttons through the menu, enter the menu and scroll with the buttons "+" e "-" ; Generally, at the end of the options, you will find one that says "OSD lock" press the button corresponding to "Yup".

    To unlock, just repeat the process and select " No "and you will be ready, in some cases unlocking can be done by temporarily pressing the menu key. After describing all these important data and how to lock and unlock the OSD, all aspects will be covered, you will be able to use your monitor as you want. Quick and easy!

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    Now that you're done you can move on to bigger things, like working on multiple monitors at the same time in Windows 10 or setting up two or more monitors in Linux Mint, it all depends on how hard you are to learn.

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