How to remove SafeSearch filter from Google Chrome? - Step by step

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The Internet is the greatest tool that exists today for finding information. This is a great thing because it makes life easier for every human being. But it can also be counterproductive due to the amount of harmful content in circulation. With that in mind, today you will learn how to remove SafeSearch filter from Google Chrome.

Due to the massive spread of the internet, the giant of the sector has decided to reassure the parents by creating an advanced search filter which allows them to block adult content pages on Google (not only did they stop there, there is also a way to set up parental controls on Google Play and other Google tools).

And although it has worked, I create a lot of controversy, because those who do not want to limit their search or their content, are forced to remain limited.

    Remove the SafeSearch filter from Google Chrome

    To get straight to the point, you should know that the title is not a lie, if there is a way to get rid of the SafeSearch filter from Google Chrome, and it is completely legal. Since it was generated by the same company, so as not to deprive its users of the legal age.

    This solution doesn't just work for computers, it is also available for any mobile device you have with active filtering. So today you will see how it is disabled in each by parts.

    The first will be on your computer and in the Chrome browser. To get it you need to do the following: open the application and then type in the search bar chrome: // extensions /.

    This will take you to your program's extensions, where you just need to search for SafeSearch and click on the trash can. Then confirm its cancellation and that's it.

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    You can also remove the search filter like this: go to the option "Search settings" from the computer.

    There you will see a section called "Filtri SafeSearch", inside there will be the option "Enable SafeSerach ", which will have a box next to it that you need to uncheck, do so and then hit the" Save "which will be at the end of the section. Once this is done, the filter will no longer work on your computer.

    In case you want to reactivate it, you just have to repeat the process and leave the box checked. If you can't find the search settings option, go to Google support and there will be a link that will take you directly to it (in the help center).

    Remove the filter on the Android mobile

    With the above you already know how to remove Google Chrome SafeSearch filter from a computer in minutes, now you need to learn how to do it on an Android mobile device.

    To remove the filter from the Google app, you have to go to that app and press the icon of three balls sorted vertically, once done, go to the option "General Settings" and there uncheck the SafeSearch box.

    If what you want is to remove this filter from a browser on your phone, go to "Advanced settings", there find and press the section called "Filtri SafeSearch".

    Finally, hit the option "Show most relevant results", this will deactivate the protection filter. To reposition, follow the same process, but when you get to the selection again choose "Filter explicit results".

    Disable the iPhone filter

    If you are an apple user you have to do the following: in the case of the Google App, press the icon with three balls vertically and from there go to " Settings "then on" General "and ends by entering "Advanced settings".

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    Within this choice choose again " Show more relevant results " to deactivate the filter e "Filter explicit results" in case you want to restore it.

    In your iPhone browser you need to go to "Advanced settings" , then in the section "Filtri SafeSearch" and repeat the previous process (they are the same buttons) but in this case you have to click on " Save "to finish.

    And voila, with that you already know how to remove the SafeSearch filter from Google Chrome and any other browser, application and device. So now you just have to put your knowledge into practice.

    Keep in mind that after removing this filter, whatever you are looking for will appear on the internet, so to complete your experience you should learn how to do advanced searches with Google's browser tool.

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