How to remove the background from an image with the Crop Lab tool

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Steal remove the background from an image it's usually one of the first things you want to do with the Corel Photo-Paint editor. Action that can be accomplished through what is known as a cutting workshop or extraction which said program includes by default.

The cutout lab is not the only way to cut out an image that Corel Photo Paint offers you, you also have the mask cutout tool, if you want a more advanced procedure you can use the cutout effect using text.

      What is the cutout workshop for?

      In this case, the laboratory allows or serves to cut out or extract areas of the image, more precisely the surrounding background.

      With this function it will be possible isolate segments of the image , but preserve important details, such as hair, edges, and blurry edges.

      The latter, in other programs or with different tools , are difficult and tedious to maintain. Since they usually leave mixed with the wallpaper to remove. Another similar tool is the one that allows you to crop and assemble an image; If, on the other hand, you don't want to cut the image, you also have the option of editing it by layers.

      Access to the laboratory

      As always, you need to start by running the program and opening the image you want to work with, in this case to remove the background.

      Subsequently, and to access the Laboratory, it is necessary to select the “Image” tab ” from the upper belt and then in the first row “ Cut/Extract Lab ".

      This will open a window with the preview from which you will work, on the right side there will be the relevant options and tools. At the top will be the " Zoom ".

      How to remove background from an image with Cutout Lab in Corel Photo-Paint?

      Now, to get started, you'll need to outline the entire edge of the element or part of the image you want to keep.

      The tool for this is "Highlight" which is the first of the options. This action doesn't have to be that exact.

      Indeed, some of the background must be preserved. Then, choose the tool " Internal filling " and click in the center of the selection you made earlier. This will give you two obvious colors, one for the borders and a different one for the fill.

      To get a taste of the work, click on " Preview ", mode in which you can see the imperfections of the selection.

      These are corrected with the tools " Add details "or" Remove details ", as appropriate. Make the relevant arrangements, using the " Zoom " if necessary.

      At the end of this process, you will have to specify how you want to obtain the result of the crop, the options are " Crop/Extract ", which will remove all the background of the image.

      " Crop and original image ", where a new layer is generated with the image cutout. E " Clipping as clipping mask ", which adds a clipping mask.

      After choosing the mode, click on " Accept ”. This way you will be able to remove the background from an image from the Cutout Lab very easily.

      Preview adjustment in lab

      When editing the image from the Cutout Lab, you can adjust the appearance of the preview.

      What is it for? Well, to make it easier and more comfortable to do the trimming process from the above screen.

      Then, in the right side panel, there will be a section called " Settings preview" and below these three options with checkboxes.

      These are " Show highlights "," Mostra padding " is " Show original image ", you need to check the items you want to keep.

      So if it can be given in " Preview ", and according to the chosen preferences, the corresponding items will be displayed that will facilitate the work.

      On the other hand, in the same tool section, but above, you can change the size of the selection pen.

      To be able to carry out the task in smaller or more difficult areas with a smaller size or, conversely, a larger size.

      The best way to get results ottimali and professional is to practice with the use of this laboratory, which already greatly simplifies the cuts.

      Corel Photo-Paint is one of the easiest and friendliest editors to use, it has multiple tools, functions and effects for all tastes.

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