How to remove the camera sound on a Samsung Galaxy A mobile phone - Configure the sound

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All smartphones currently have cameras that will do you take pictures like a pro , that's for sure, because their cameras have specific features that will allow you to take a great quality photo like a pro.

In addition to these features, these cameras have a large variety of features and tools that will make the process a little easier when taking a photograph, but what if what I want is eliminate the annoying sound what is played by the camera when taking a photo?

Answering the previous question, we want to tell you that it is a completely possible process, as our Samsung Galaxy A mobile phones, as well as other mobile phones with Android systems, allow us to do this. Today here in look how it's done, we explain how it's done.

    Why should i remove the sound from my camera?

    This varies according to each person and their tastes, as there are people who love the sounds of their mobile phone and those who prefer to have it in complete silence (I am one of them).

    Plus, it's perfect for occasions when you want to take a picture, without anyone taking you into consideration. Think of it as a kind of modern spy, do not you think? Just remember to disable the flash.

    Another very simple reason is not to want to disturb or interrupt anyone, for example when you are in the library and want to take pictures or take notes on homework, but you do not want the annoying noise of your mobile. interrupt the others. .

    Turn on or off the shutter sounds of a Samsung Galaxy A mobile phone

    The camera sound usually appears right after pressing the button to take the photo, this in some android phones it is possible to mute the camera or eliminate the sound, but currently the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A they do not have this specific function, so you will have to resort to system options.

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      In case you want to have the audio on your mobile again, follow the same steps above, only in step number 5 you have to slide the bar to the right so that the volume returns to its normal state.

      How to change the camera sound of a Samsung Galaxy

      Advantages and disadvantages of using this method

      The main advantage as mentioned above is based on being able to take any photograph anywhere, without the need for your mobile to emit any sound, thus passing unnoticed to everyone.

      The main drawback is that if you don't like to keep all your notifications from any application silent, this method will annoy you a bit, because lowering the system volume will affect immediately on volume of notifications of incoming messages and calls.

      Is there any other alternative?

      Yes, there are applications whose main purpose is this and if you are someone who doesn't mind having a certain amount of applications on your mobile, this option is also a great idea.

      The most used applications for these cases are the following, Open Room e Bags , surely there are a moment of applications, but these two are the most popular so far.

      Of course, this is a pretty good option because today's cell phones have one large storage capacity , so you won't be forced to free up memory space on your mobile phone.

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