How to remove the name of shortcuts or icons in Windows 10 (example)

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If you are interested in knowing all the Windows 10 tricks, this article will be for you. Well, we'll teach you how to remove the name of shortcuts or icons in Windows 10 . Once you are able to follow the guide, you will have a desktop that is out of the ordinary and more comfortable to view by creating your shortcuts in Windows.

How to remove name from shortcuts or icons in Windows 10

A positive aspect of the method you will learn is that it does not require the installation of any external program. Only with the tools of the official Windows 10 operating system (which is free), you can make sure that your shortcuts do not have a name, or at least, not a visible name ...

Keep in mind that you will be using a version of the Microsoft operating system, the famous multinational founded by Bill Gates. So it won't be that simple, if you have no experience in managing this type of system. Don't despair! By following it verbatim, the steps described below should be more than ready for you remove the hit name directly from Windows 10.

Once you do that, you can surprise your friends with this little trick. Of course, don't worry about causing any kind of damage to your desktop, as the process is totally safe. In case you wish to reverse it and show the desktop icon name again, you will be fully enabled to do so.

What is Windows?

Above, we have already mentioned that Windows is an operating system from Microsoft, the company founded by Bill Gates . But the truth is, it's not entirely true that this is an operating system. We usually refer to it this way, to simplify things considerably, or perhaps, some, out of ignorance.

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The technical category to which Windows belongs is that of software distribution , or also called a software distro. Which consists of an entire collection of software, for which user licenses can be established. The family of OS (operating system), to which Windows 10 belongs, is called Windows NT (for Windows New Technology).

Well, it's not the idea that you feel overwhelmed by so much information. In return, the steps for removing names from shortcuts will be extremely easy to follow, with some.

How to remove the name of shortcuts or icons in Windows 10?

The process isn't complex at all. The only requirements are: that your computer works using the updated Windows 10, because it won't work with an older version; and that you know how to handle it in a basic way, to be able to follow the instructions. Also, of course you must have at least one desktop icon , to use it as a guinea pig.

You will point the cursor on the shortcut in question (which includes folders) and press the right button mouse (anticlick). In this, a menu of options will appear, among which you will choose to change the name (it is almost at the end of the displayed menu).

You will see that the current name of the icon is selected in blue. What you will do is press i key Alt + 255 . Finally, you will click outside (in another part of the desktop) and a window will appear to grant permissions. All you have to do is hit the Continue button, which has a shield symbol.

Ready! Now you know how to remove the shortcut name in Windows 10. But I'll tell you the secret. What you did was use a invisible character in the name of your icon . So if you want to rename multiple files in this way, you will have to press Alt + 255 one more time for each nameless shortcut.

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This is because we cannot have two files with the same name on the Windows 10 desktop.

Now is the time to know other tricks for Windows 10!

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