How to remove the spell checker from WhatsApp on my Samsung Galaxy

WhatsApp is one of the most useful applications today, it manages to connect people with each other in an exceptional way. Furthermore, managed to keep its popularity thanks to its ongoing efforts to revamp its current functions and add more options so that users can use the application in different ways, although one of the features some users use the most is text message. , even if they don't feel that optimized.

The automatic cell phone corrector

Although i messages are sent from the application , its software works according to the operating systems of the devices on which WhatsApp was downloaded, which is why on Android systems, such as the Samsung Galaxy, they work with the options and specifications of the system in question.

For this reason, the automatic correction of the chat, the messages, works with possibly two systems, the Google keyboard or the Samsung keyboard.

Now the problem is analyzing how they both work and how to remove the concealer in either option, too easily since the complications are not many . First you need to understand the options with the Samsung keyboard, as most people only use this keyboard and then the Google keyboard that the other part of the majority uses.

On the Samsung keyboard

In the case of the Samsung keyboard, you don't have to configure anything in the WhatsApp application, nor in the Google keyboard. You just have to go to your phone settings and perform a simple procedure.

  • When you enter Settings you have to look for the call tab " General administration ", where several options will appear, even if the one you are interested in is a called" Samsung keyboard settings "
  • Already in the settings there are 3 options that may be of interest to the user.
  • The first option is " Predictive text ", which can be turned off to avoid having the next recommended word.
  • The second option is "Auto Substitute", which when disabled prevents the text from being changed after using the space
  • The third option is called " Automatic corrector ", which is disabled so that the red bar does not appear under the wrong word.
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On the Google keyboard

The Google keyboard works simpler, as you only have to follow a few steps and it works more intuitively, so you just have to follow the steps depending on the user's preference.

  • To open the Google keyboard options, you need to enter the keyboard in WhatsApp and hold down the comma key, or ",", so that the settings symbol appears
  • Once you get into the adjustment, you have to look for the option called "Spelling Correction", which will offer all the options it has, in case you don't want any kind of corrector, you just have to uncheck all the options. Therefore there will be no kind of correction by the application.

While it is possible that some users may want to use the autocorrect again in the future, it is worth remembering that there are options on other keyboards to activate the checker, in case the user doesn't think it's a good idea to have it turned off and regret it, or want to do it on devices other than the Samsung Galaxy.

The utility of WhatsApp

Thanks to details like these, the application has continued to be one of the most useful for millions of users, and it is no surprise especially for the tools it provides and continues to update, giving its users more ways to communicate.

Its more distinct and unique features such as the famous "seen" or "blue check" of messages in conversations, which provides useful information, such as knowing at what time a message was read, or "it was left. In seen".

Things like "visa", application customization options and the ability to use WhatsApp on a computer, as well as allowing its users to connect quickly and easily , send messages, voice memos and even voice or video call to other people without hassle, without external applications or complicated settings.

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The simplicity of the application, its options and the number of unique features the application has are impressive, as it provides an experience uninterrupted and simple for most users.

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