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One of the common problems in android , will be those relating to the functioning of applications, where measures with a stop and a forced exit of the application are generally appreciated, with the title of: the application has stopped, solving this problem is simple.

Likewise, an application shutdown error can occur on Android, with similar symptoms, the solution of which could be a little more drastic.

In this order of ideas, they are presented situations and solutions similar to depending on the application, it may be that the camera application stops or is even more pronounced and hinders the Google Play Store services with the same symptoms.

This is equally true for an issue with the YouTube mobile application, closing in your face and sending a message on the screen that says "The YouTube app has stopped" , we will see how to remove it, based on the origins and the most effective solutions.

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How to fix the "YouTube application has stopped" error

When the phone throws a sign announcing the termination of an application , but attaching its name, it is an indicator that the problems do not necessarily reside in the mobile phone, or in the operating system, but it can be an inconvenience directly related to the application services and a clash between the preset data and those coming from the network platform .

For this, solutions are used that help discern the origin and, in turn, can remove "YouTube application has stopped". We will analyze them separately.

Troubleshoot compatibility issues

How to fix YouTube has stopped

First, manual and forced shutdown of the mobile application is used, then it is started. To do this, in initial order, we press the start button at the bottom of the mobile, for a few seconds, until open applications exit and we press "close all", for this it also varies with the "back" button at the bottom the same. And the App reopens.

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Clear data and cache

Clean the RAM

We can also do a forced detention. To do this we go to the "applications" section in the settings, look for YouTube and inside we do click on "clear cache" and on "force stop". Then we open the mobile application again and if it keeps coming out "The YouTube application has stopped", we resort to the error correction solution.

Reinstall the app

One of the most common ways is to delete the app to reinstall it from the Playstore, if you do this the application will be as good as new and it is likely that you will not have any more problems.

We can also reinstall updates, by this we refer directly to the search for the initial settings of the App, and starting from scratch its use. To do this, we just have to uninstall updates and reinstall them , but this will happen in direct connection with the latest version of YouTube. What is it you want.

To this end, let's proceed with the uninstall updates . Let's go to the settings section or phone settings. So we refer to the section as "applications".

Once there, we go to the application list and look for YouTube. We insert it and we can see, in the upper part, three points or bars, we insert them and they will give the possibility to "uninstall updates", lo we press and we wait for it to go through the process.

So, we just have to download the latest version available for it let's go to the Play Store and look for the application, immediately click on "update" and wait. This should remove "The YouTube application has been stopped", as its source of error has been fixed.

Forced restore

Bug fixes

Developers, as they are releasing new versions of applications, add bug fixes, such fixes may not be purchased, if the version of the App in use he does not come updated . YouTube is one of those cases.

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To access the bug fixes, we just need update the YouTube app . This is done in a simple way, we just have to:

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