How To Remove Windows 10 Sleep Mode - Prevent PC From Automatically Turning Off

Among the most important and widely used work tools available today in most homes around the world are the PC or personal desktop computer . In this sense, for its correct functioning it is necessary to have an operating system that allows the development of applications that generate work or entertainment.

On the other hand, most of the users of these machines or computers usually install a version of Microsoft as their operating system. In recent times the most used version is Windows 10 . That's why in this post we will be covering how to remove Windows 10 from hibernation to prevent your PC from hibernating automatically.

Among the advantages you will get by avoiding the suspension of your operating system, is the installation of those large programs that take a long time to process and install. And is that on some occasions it might happen that when you run the installation without making the corresponding adjustments of "Display" and "Hibernate the operating system" you may possibly lose the installation due to the suspension of the operating system and even cause some damage to the sectors of your hard drive.

On the other hand, one might think that keeping the PC active without suspending it at any time could be harmful, especially for the moment of billing the electricity service. Well, in this case you can make further adjustments , to control or reduce your PC's electricity consumption.

    Steps to disable Windows 10 automatic sleep

    It will always be useful to have one simple procedure to enter the navigation menus of systems as complex as operational ones, which is why below we will show you how to use a procedure that will allow you to control the time and even avoid suspending your system. Furthermore, you will be able to avoid hibernation of your hard drive and thereby avoid the loss of important information:

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    From the Windows 10 settings page

    • On the Windows 10 home screen, click the search field and enter the word settings . When you go through this process, you will get a tab that will show you different items, you have to choose the one called "Settings".
    • Once you click on the said application, a window will appear showing you several tools belonging to the operating system , at this point you will have to click on 'System'. This will open a window where a left menu will appear with the contents of the applications belonging to it.
    • Click "Start / Shutdown and Sleep" . Pressing will open a new window where you will see the settings for 'Display' and 'Suspend', you can choose from the drop-down list of 'Suspend' to adjust the time you want, or choose 'Never' from the options to avoid permanent suspension of your operating system.

    As you may have noticed, it is a simple process you can do without investing a lot of time and without major complications. Moreover, it will provide you with great benefits which we will also explain.

    From the system power options

    As in Windows 10, if you have a computer with sistema operativo Windows 7 or 8 , you can make changes to prevent it from going into sleep mode. To do this, you need to follow the following steps:

    • Log in to the control panel from your PC home screen.
    • You choose " Power Options ".
    • click on change the settings plan in the "Balanced" preferred plan panel.
    • Choose the option in the "Never" drop-down list and you will have completed your settings.

    In general, it's easy to make adjustments in any operating system and of course you will do it according to your needs. Also, if you need to know more about this information, you can visit Microsoft's official page.

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    Turn off the disc

    Being in the power options, we can see that if we enter the advanced configuration an option to turn off the hard drive will appear. This is done for save energy and put the computer to sleep. To disable or enable this option we will only have to double click on it and dial a number between 0 (never) or the minutes we want.

    Change your energy plan

    Staying in the energy options, we will see several energy plans , these are predetermined in all equipment and we can choose the one that is most convenient for us. These range from a budget plan to a high performance one. If what we want is to avoid the suspension of our equipment, it is better to choose the high performance one by clicking on it.

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