How to Rent Movies on Amazon Prime Video - Step by Step

Mostly Amazon Prime Video offers exclusive services only by paying a fee, monthly or yearly, it is an Amazon subscription. On this platform you can watch videos or have access to special offers , is considered a streaming platform.

In Amazon Prime Video you can find a variety of audiovisual content such as programs, documentaries, films and series. This platform has been in effect since 2017 and its fees are 20 euros if you pay annually or 4,99 euros monthly.

It is important to remember that from the moment you decide to be part of the Amazon Prime Video family, it offers you a free trial period of 30 days . If you like the platform for the benefits it offers and you decide to keep the service, you must cancel the rate before the end of the trial period.

Find out step by step how to rent movies on Amazon

Below we will indicate the steps to follow in order to rent or purchase the films and series available on Amazon Prime Video. It is a simple procedure.

First you need to go to the Amazon official website and click on the three lines that will appear on the left side of the screen. It will show you a drop-down menu, so you need to choose the option "Amazon Prime Video" .

When you are in this section, you need to click on the option "all videos" , will take you to the main page. Then you need to locate yourself and click on the top bar where it says "buy" .

This new window will show you the entire list of films, series, documentaries and programs currently available. When you select, for example, a movie and find yourself in the title, you will automatically see its synopsis.

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In that same place you can see the IMDB classification , the languages ​​in which it is available, if it has subtitles and the genre to which the film belongs.

Next you will see some buttons where you can interact, the options you find are: «See trailer» , in it you will be able to see the progress of the film.

«Rent HD» : in this section you can rent the film, right there it will show you what the price is and from that moment you will have 30 days to watch it and you will only have 48 days to finish playing it.

Once the movie rental process is complete, you can find it in "My space" this option can be found in the top bar of the official Amazon page. In this bar you can also see the titles of the films you are following.

In general, with these simple steps you can rent your audiovisual content on Amazon Prime video in Spanish language, easily and simply.

Options offered by Amazon Prime Video

It is important to understand that it is not necessary to be registered on this platform to have access to audiovisual content . This platform works like the Amazon store itself, first you have to log into it, choose your favorite movie and cancel the value of it.

Amazon prime is a online shop in which you can rent or buy the movies of your choice with just a few clicks. It is a simple procedure that will only take a few minutes.

Another option that appears in the Amazon Prime Video store is: "buy HD" , there you can buy the tape you want to see. The system will always offer you the options in its maximum resolution, but you can also rent or buy in SD (Standard Definition).

In turn, you will see the option "add to watchlist" in this section you can save the movie if you like it so that you can rent or buy it at another time.

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In short, you can enjoy the catalog that Prime Video offers you from the web browser of your laptop, Android devices, Smart TVs, video consoles, among others.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you Do you know other options offered by Amazon Prime Video? Do you think Amazon Prime Video offers good service? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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