How to repair and recover a damaged SD or micro SD card?

In today's tutorial we will teach you how to repair and recover a damaged SD or micro SD card. You will also learn how to format a corrupted microSD to try to fix any kind of errors it contains.

If your SD card has been damaged, lost information can be recovered in some cases. While in others it's something that can't be done, it doesn't matter what you do and the only option left is to format it in the hope that it will continue to work.

Something we recommend is to always have a backup of what you save on one microSD open drive. It's best to opt for cloud storage, as it's the safest thing we have at the moment to store important information.

When you have everything in the cloud, in services like Google Drive, One Drive, etc. Coming from serious and reliable companies. You can be completely sure that all your information will never be lost. Additionally, both services have free versions with plenty of space that is more than enough for most users.

It is not at all strange that one SD card is damaged, especially if he wasn't too careful to say it. However, today we will look at two methods to try to fix it. The first less invasive where we are going to make an attempt to recover all the information your card has.

In case it doesn't merge, the only alternative we will have is to format it. The problem is that all the data it contains is lost when formatting. But we will have no other alternative in case the first solution is not effective.

How to recover a damaged SD card

  • You will need to insert the SD card into your computer or laptop. For this you will need an adapter in case it doesn't have a microSD slot.
  • Then you will have to press the keys " Windows + R "Or go up" Start ", to type " Run »And press» Submit «.
  • In the run window you have to write CMD and press accept.
  • We are now in the Windows command console. The first command we're going to enter is chkdsk X: / F where is the " X ", You will have to enter the drive letter that has been assigned to the microSD, you can see it from" Computer resources ".
  • In the case of " /F "It doesn't work, you can try" / R " or both " / F / R «.

The F command is used to resolve the microSD errors, while the R command is used to scan the drive for bad sectors. The idea is to test these commands with the intention of retrieving the information you have inside them and try to repair it.

How to repair a damaged microSD

In case the above mentioned method doesn't work. The only alternative we are left with is format the card in question. What you should keep in mind is that when you format it, all the information contained in it is lost.

  • For this you will have to go up " Computer resources »And locate the drive assigned to the SD card.
  • After that you will need to right-click to bring up a menu.
  • In this menu you will have to click on the option » Format «.
  • A new window opens in which you will have to choose some options.
  • By default, the »File system» is in FAT32, but you can choose » NTFS »If you intend to use files that are too large.

In this specific case, it is better to deselect the option » Quick format »To give it a complete and in-depth format, thus avoiding possible errors in the future.

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