How to repair damaged MPP files with Recovery Toolbox for Project

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Damaged files in any format are a headache for anyone with important information. Especially if they are important files or unique files or that cannot be played again for some reason.

It has happened to more than one to have saved i own fillet and suddenly some failure in the PC system damages them. For this reason, programs have been developed to recover different types of files. For example, you can repair and recover a damaged PDF file.

Having trouble with i fillet Damaged MPPs and you don't know how to recover them? Do you want a program that will help you with this task? You are in the right place because we offer you a great tool that will allow you to repair MPP files.

This tool is called Recovery Toolbox for Project and it will help you to recover all those damaged programs that you have. So, in case you don't know this program exists, you can learn how it works with our guide.

What are MPP files?

This type of file is proprietary to Microsoft Project, which is part of the product suite Microsoft Office . Have a file MPP will allow you to have a list of activities that make up a specific project. It also allows you to define the critical path of a project.

These files are very handy as they are very useful if you work a lot with Microsoft Office programs, but you could get damaged at some point. To recover MPP files, all you need to do is follow our guide very carefully so that you don't get any errors.

Don't worry about using the strumenti di Recovery Toolbox for Project you will be able to save any file that has been damaged or

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¿Qué es Recovery Toolbox for Project?

It is a program developed to recover Corruption of a .MPP file which is being opened , thanks to the recovery tool you can read any MPP file regardless of whether it is damaged.

This tool is essential for anyone who works with these types of files to recover them in case they are damaged at some point. Some of the most significant features this program provides on your system are as follows:

  • You can repair data from .mpp files of Microsoft Project for versions 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2013, 2016 and 2019.
  • Repair your project plans.
  • It also repairs activities and addictions.
  • Repair resource information for different files.
  • Repair dependencies between activities and resources.
  • Allows you to preview the restored information before saving it.
  • Finally , the repair tool file di MS Project export restored projects directly to Microsoft Project.

The first thing first of all is to have the downloaded program that I have installed and then to be able to follow the steps that we will show you. Then you will learn how to recover MPP files easily thanks to the steps that we will show you later in our guide.

How to recover MPP files?

The procedure required to recover data from yours Corruption of a MPP file which is being opened it's very simple and in no time you will have done it. Just follow the guide very carefully so that you don't make any mistakes and cannot recover your data.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to start the Recovery Toolbox for Project program to recover the damaged MPP files. Then within the program you need to search and select the relevant file that you want to repair.

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Step 2

Once you have chosen the file, the next thing to do is to press the button "Analyze" and wait for the process to finish to move on to the final stage. Finally, you have to click on "Star recovery" and once the process is finished you will have recovered your file.

Wasn't it difficult at all? Surely you have already successfully recovered your MPP file with the steps we have provided for you. Having these tools you can always protect i yours file MPP from any errors that may occur. You may also be interested in knowing how to repair your damaged Microsoft Office files or documents online.

Keep programs up to date Office can help you a lot so that these errors do not occur with the same frequency. So try to always update your Office programs to the latest version so that you don't have any problems with your .MPP files.

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