How to repair or change the plug of the USB port on my mobile phone if it doesn't work well

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The socket of the USB port of the mobile phone is a factor of the utmost importance, since the future use of the mobile phone may depend on it, through it you have access to connect the device to charge it , or to establish a USB connection with another compatible digital element. Where does the strong need to repair or change if it doesn't work well comes from.

Through it it is possible connect a USB memory to a mobile phone to transfer a file, even if it's not something urgent, as you can transfer multimedia content from your mobile phone to your computer, without the need for cables. But this cannot be a warning, as repairing or replacing the USB port socket is a vital action.

Its operation can be tortuous or it may even be necessary to obtain electricity from a USB port, to verify that it is being emitted. In this sense, the process of repairing USB ports on PCs is famous, but little is said about its application on mobile phones .

That's why we'll see how repair or change the plug of the USB port on my mobile phone if it doesn't work well. Read on so you know all your details

Why is it necessary to repair the USB port plug of the mobile phone if it is not working well?

The internal connectors of electronic devices are extremely delicate to use and abuse. For this reason they are protected by a shell or armor that protects them from the outside world. But there are specific cases, in which the internal components must be in direct connection with the outside, to be able to carry out their duties . Like the load, which is the connection of the operating system with another element outside the boundaries of the device.

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That's where the so-called comes into play mobile phone USB port plug . The one that connects the inside with the outside, through a physical transition channel. It is in this channel that the problems that make connection difficult are usually presented. But they can be fixed.

Direct cleaning can be applied to the area, this is done for verify that they are not there excessive dust agents accumulated inside, and that prevents electrical flow properly. What is done, by applying a stream of dry air, must not be inside, this can let in water particles of saliva and can cause inconvenience to the breath.

Likewise, a physical cleaning, being very careful not to alter the internal space. What can be done with a sharp object, preferably plastic. This only applies when a foreign agent is visible within the space afterwards detailed observation and review .

A readjustment of the size is possible, due to rough use, the connector or plug of the USB port of the mobile phone can be stretched. Said distension can be remedied when it has not been so marked, for this action pressure and millimeter precision are required, to build up force with the help of pliers , and return the element to its original form. It is recommended only with extreme care.

How to change the USB port socket of my mobile phone if it doesn't work well?

If you already want to perform this procedure, it should be emphasized that it must be performed by a person with the necessary knowledge or skills, or at least with the necessary delicacy and caution for the assignment.

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To start, the mobile phone must always be switched off, and not only that, the battery must be removed , to avoid an electrical contact that generates a fault on the board. By making this prediction, we can proceed.

The first thing will be to get to the physical components of the phone, they are inside the internal body, on the sides you will see some tiny screws, they must be removed. That leaves access to components .

Depending on location of the USB socket , and depending on the cell phone model on which the action is performed, you need to manually remove some add-on to get access to the connection space with the plug. This is recommended, if applicable, with a piece of plastic.

Upon reaching the buffer compartment, it must be seen whether it deserves a new weld, for some detachment, or a total modification, since it does not work well, it is indicative that it just deserves soldering . Which is done with tin and the specialized soldering iron.

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