How to repair or reset Google Chrome to open pages on Android

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Google Chrome is the first option when we browse and consult pages on the web, but sometimes we can't open or load pages on our devices, so we want to teach you how to repair or reset google chrome to open pages on android .

The first thing is to make sure that you have an Internet connection and that you are not generating the ERR INTERNET DISCONNECTED message. Whether you use Wi-Fi or the data connection provided by the mobile phone company, check if you have the service , if positive then you need to evaluate other possible reasons.

    How to fix Google Chrome when pages are not loading

    Another option worth mentioning is delete the cache and data of Chrome on your Android phone. To do this, simply open your device's "Settings" app, go to "Applications" and then search for the Google Chrome app, tap on it.

    In many mobiles the "Clear cache" and "Clear data" options are displayed directly, if you can't find them, go on "Archiving" and they will be there. It's a simple solution but one that can help, if it doesn't work, try our other tips.

    My mobile does not open Google Chrome, what can I do?

    The first thing would be to try update the application , in case it doesn't work, try the solution we present in the section "How to fix Google Chrome when pages don't load" above. You can also try to reset Google Chrome by completely uninstalling the app and installing it again.

    On the other hand, check that there is no virus or applications that may interfere with the operation of Chrome. If you think an application is causing the problem then uninstall it, in turn, check the storage space, if there is little left, free up some space.

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    Got the latest update for Google Chrome?

    Applications require frequent updates, many times the reason why Google Chrome doesn't browse is because it has need an update . However, sometimes these updates don't work well on our device or generate errors due to the new features it includes.

    In this case there are two options, if you need to update, go to the App Store and update. Is it already up to date and still not working? You will need to uninstall this version of the app and come back to the version that used to work for you . Let's now take a look at other simple solutions.

    Google Chrome browser bug on Android and solutions

    There are many ways to reset Google Chrome and how it works. The first thing would be keep the App updated , in turn, daily actions such as browser cleaning and Chrome cookies on Android can help solve the problem, which we teach you in the "Repair Google Chrome the easy way" section.

    Another fault that can occur is related to the internet in this case check your connection and verify your data or Wi-Fi are connected e work correctly. Many times the data ends unexpectedly and this is what forbids you to use Chrome in a normal way.

    Easily fix Google Chrome to load pages on your Android

    The page may not open or load on your Android device for other reasons. Phones accumulate a lot of browsing data o the system is saturated with the number of applications running in the background, what can you do to fix or reset Chrome?

    Browsing history, cookies and other data stored by the browser can slow down the loading and opening of pages. You can delete Google Chrome browsing history and other data as well. As?

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    Locate the Google Chrome menu on your device, usually displayed by pressing the icon in the top right corner. Within the Menu you can select, History and delete all the data of the pages you have visited.

    You can also access it via Settings> Privacy and security> Clear browsing data . Once inside that menu you can decide what to delete:

    • Browsing history,
    • Site and cookie data,
    • Cached files and images.

    Another simpler option is to restart your browser, which is also recommended by Google's support page. You can do this by starting the task manager of the device, windows with running applications will be displayed.

    Close Chrome by clicking the X in the top right corner. Then restart it this can help fix and reset Google Chrome to open pages on your Android tablet or mobile.

    Our device could also be the reason why pages don't open in the browser; To solve this problem you need to restart the device. By starting system processes from scratch, Google Chrome is likely to browse better.

    The bandwidth of our internet service can greatly affect the browsing speed in Chrome and this prevents the opening of web pages; therefore we suggest that you stop the downloads you are making, be it music or other updates you are making.

    Stopping these downloads will concentrate your bandwidth or the data internet service just to browse in Chrome, so the pages will load at a faster speed.

    Repairing and resetting Google Chrome to open pages on Android is quite simple and knowing how to do it can make it easier for us to use our devices when we browse and search the Internet, we hope that with these simple tips you can solve this problem.

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