How to report or report inappropriate posts or people on Twitter

Using Twitter is very simple, as is using Twitter Lite as an official Windows app, which gives us an idea of ​​its versatility. Additionally, Twitter can and does post and schedule Tweets using the TweetDeck tool, all thanks to its open content policy , which makes the social platform a receptacle for the public who express themselves and live freely.

So much so that many who had wanted and scheduled their tweets to share on Facebook have taken a radical turn and now choose to disconnect their Twitter account from Facebook. Well, they see on Twitter a space where the content is respected and allowed more openly compared to other social platforms where it is very limited.

But this open Twitter policy does not go hand in hand with allowing human abuse and excesses, as for this company such a policy is reprehensible and unacceptable, as is anything that violate human and general dignity . Therefore, it makes it easier to report or denounce inappropriate publications. How to do it is very simple and we will show you.

Why does Twitter allow content that other platforms don't allow?

Twitter's policies are firm and real with regards to posting that violates human dignity, material of a violent, deplorable and hateful nature and for this it offers easy steps to report or denounce inappropriate publications or people on Twitter. However, reporting and prosecuting a person or giving an account of their content can be seen as censorship or an attack on their freedom of expression.

What for Twitter will be one violation of its compliance policies , but now the dilemma becomes between what is allowed and what is not, and the possibility of restraining it by reporting or denouncing inappropriate posts or people on Twitter without this being a claim or a hunt for the individual , according to his tastes and trends.

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So it's very hard for Twitter to choose between right or wrong, so it asks help to the Internet user , giving him the ability to report or denounce inappropriate posts or people on Twitter, easily and effectively, which causes Twitter to delete the content immediately or initiate a serious investigation into the matter, and even both in unison.

Twitter, based on its own user protection policy, offers its own support and confidentiality to make any report , in cases where it is believed that what is shown violates the rules of coexistence, or threatens the dignity, safety or elements related to it. Below we show you the steps you need to follow in different options to make any type of complaint or report.

How to report a tweet or post

  • Si refers to the tweet you want to report , by first entering in the personal personal account
  • È necessario click the icon to view options , which is symbolized by a falling arrow
  • The option " Report"
  • You choose the reason, which would still be ' abusive or harmful '
  • Once this is done, Twitter will ask for your help, since will initiate a strong investigation , asking for details, asking for more information about what is known and about others
  • Once you've completed the entire Twitter support process, it's you can send the complaint . And the company will show some tips, in order to improve the Internet user experience, in its interface

How to report a Twitter account

Clearly, this is one of the most advanced complaints from users. Here we tell you the steps you need to take to be able to report an account without any problem or inconvenience.

  • After entering the user's personal account. It goes to the account or person you want to report , for inappropriate posts
  • to press on the iconography of the three descending points . What is the "additional content" section
  • L' option to report was chosen
  • It is indicated by the section marked as " harmful or abusive "
  • Time Witter will ask for help and details , which will be of great value for the exhaustive investigation you are about to initiate against that person, for inappropriate content
  • After all the detailed process relating to the criteria available to the complainant, all that remains is submit the complaint
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How to report a hashtag on Twitter

- hashtags or trending topics are an interesting tool from Twitter itself, whose main purpose is to help us connect with the topic of the conversation we want to follow or are talking about right now.

Unfortunately , there may be some that are not to our liking or to the liking of the majority, for this reason Twitter has enabled an option to be able to report those unwanted hashtags or trending topics. Below we explain how to perform this action without any problem or inconvenience.

Once on Twitter, the our first step to follow will be to go to the search section, where all the hashtags or trending topics of the moment are indicated. On the right side of these we can see a menu button, which once clicked on it, a list of options will be displayed in case you want to report said hashtag.

In this listing we will have 5 options to report this trending topic. Here we can choose between spam, offensive or dangerous content, duplicate content, low quality content and irrelevant content. Choose the one that most closely resembles your situation and voila.

What happens after you report a post on Twitter

Once you manage to report any type of tweet or post, a replacement will automatically be made where you can see a notice or warning which will indicate that such material or content has been previously reported. On the other hand, if you wish, you can also click on said publication or tweet to give it a new look at the desired moment.

Are Twitter Complaints Anonymous?

Twitter has always given us the opportunity to report or denounce any type of content or material that we do not like, in the vast majority of cases this is a great tool for us to be able to enjoy only the information and entertainment that we really like. It matters or we find relevant.

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Being a general but private option, when we make any type of report, whether to an account or to a publication, this action it will be completely anonymous and there will be no way that said person we're reporting to alone or their tweet can know who made the report.

On the other hand, if you don't want to carry out an action as strong as a complaint can be, you have the chance to silence those accounts you want us to have on your posting board. This way you won't know what content they share.

How many reports are required to delete a Twitter account?

Many of the complaints that are made on Twitter are generally in large part to get rid of a specific account. Sometimes these goals are achieved , but in other cases no, therefore, it does not matter how many reports are made to an account as such, but the importance of the reports and why.

Let's explain, these complaints made by Twitter users are logged and analyzed by the moderators , decide whether this account being reported should really be closed or not. They analyze the content and posts of their respective accounts.

On the other hand clearly a large number of complaints gives a push of greater importance to moderators, but it does not necessarily mean that the greater the number of complaints, the more chance that the account will be deleted, everything is at the discretion of those who have the right, task to monitor such content.

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