How to request or request a previous ITV appointment from my mobile or PC What documents do I need?

The Technical Vehicle Inspection is an essential requirement throughout the Spanish territory, which will in turn be an element that will help supervise the vehicle operation , as well as making sure everything is in order. Being an essential element, your request will be a cause of great demand. Because of this, the platform may have collapsed

So it is necessary to have a mobile phone or PC, the functioning of which is ideal. Nobody wants that in the middle of the appointment request, the PC can crash, so we need to know its performance, with simple methods like the Winsat command. Since a pre-appointment request for ITV , you cannot afford to be truncated by device failures.

This element of the legal order will be the basis for all vehicle procedures within Spanish territory, if you want to be a UBER driver, or opt for another variant, such as DIDI, the legal guarantee of the vehicle's operation, as well as legitimacy before the state, may be required. So let's see how to request or request a preventive appointment for the BTI and the required documentation.

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  1. Data to check before making an appointment
    1. Vehicle type
    2. Engine type
    3. Type of service
    4. Station where you want to pass the ITV
    5. Date and time of the appointment
  2. What documents do I need to make an appointment?
  3. How to make an appointment request at the BTI?
    1. From mobile
    2. On the official website
  4. How to cancel or change the appointment with the BTI
  5. What exactly is BTI and why is it necessary to make an appointment in advance?

Data to check before making an appointment

It is important that before requesting an ITV consultation, we verify the veracity of some data that are used during the appointment and that we must have . In this way, our consultation can take place without complications or interference.

Vehicle type

We have to check what type of vehicle we transport ; whether it is tourism, motorcycle, truck, bus, van, etc. This is according to the classification of cars.

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Engine type

In addition, we will have to check what type of engine it has (petrol engine, petrol, diesel, gas, steam engine, electronics, etc.), as this DON'T è always linked to the type of vehicle .

Type of service

It involves specifying the type of service we are requesting (mandatory, periodic, voluntary, special inspection, among others).

Station where you want to pass the ITV

Among the data that we will have to check is the station you want to attend to make your appointment. ITV offers stations in various places of the country and these are called autonomous communities.

Date and time of the appointment

We have to set an available date and time to make the appointment; This way, our appointment will be recorded in the question list and we will have proof of completion.

What documents do I need to make an appointment?

Being a very important element, particular rigor is assigned to the documentation presented at the time of the execution of the BTI , not only must it comply with the requisites required by law and required by the Spanish state for approval, but elements cannot be missing What:

  • In case of previous ITV , the technical data sheet issued at that time must be delivered. In other words, the technical inspection sheet.
  • The driving license, as it is vital.
  • Have road safety accreditation.

How to make an appointment request at the BTI?

Since it is a process applied throughout the Spanish territory, the request for prior appointment it will vary in each autonomous region , as the process of many of them could be similar. There are web portals specialized in these topics that will direct the user, both from the PC and from the mobile phone, to the numbers or direct links to make the appointment based on the place where he is.

Everything can be reviewed from your PC or mobile. Some of the most suitable for these cases will be the "" portals, as well as "", and the famous "". Also, through them you can review the contact number correspondent and make a request for a preventive appointment by calling from your mobile phone.

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There are specific cases such as the cities of Murcia where it is not possible to make an appointment request online. Like Navarre, where companies don't offer the ITV appointment request service , through the web.

From mobile

We have the possibility to enter through the web page, where we will go to the "Request appointment" or "Previous appointment" section, which will lead us to a window with a record that we must fill in (personal data and vehicle information), once finished. configured the query, click the "Request an appointment" button to finish. Likewise, we can obtain a contact number and make an appointment by phone.

On the official website

To book an appointment, you must first search with the autonomous community; that is, we will have to request it from our location and to nearby stations.

We will choose the community and the station most suitable for us; We will fill in the fields of fuel, type of vehicle, what engine it has and the type of service. They will also ask us for some personal information and the license plate of the car. Once this process is done, we will click on "Request an appointment".

How to cancel or change the appointment with the BTI

If you have any complications with the date and time of your appointment or are unable to attend due to an unforeseen event, we will probably want to cancel your consultation or change the date. That being the case, we have two simple options:

At the end of the management of the appointment, a message will arrive to the e-mail that we use to plan the consultation. In this message there will be the appointment information (date, chosen station, payment method, etc.), and with it a link to cancel or modify it. We will click on this link and it will take us to a window of the official ITV page, where we will find three fields: 'Reference', where we will have to enter the booking reference number or code; "Registration", where the registration number of your vehicle will go; and finally "E-mail". We click on 'Search' and there will lead to our profile in a section with the appointment data to modify or delete it directly.

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On the other hand, if for any reason we do not have access to the sent Gmail, we can go directly to the ITV page, we go to the section "Management of the previous appointment" and there it will guide us to the same window that allows us to change our appointment , being from here the same process as before.

Furthermore, if we are not so tied to web browsing or need another alternative, we have the option to cancel or modify the booking via the ITV contact telephone number.

What exactly is BTI and why is it necessary to make an appointment in advance?

This is a control, surveillance and safeguard measure that the Spanish state intends to apply to movement of vehicles , in order to guarantee and verify the suitability for use and circulation on the territory. It will also be a constant updating measure, which makes it possible to mitigate possible vehicle thefts.

Because the vehicles are so controlled, they are less likely to be stolen, as a large amount of legal matter is required to be able to put them into circulation, which helps to reduce this criminal act. supervision on the emission of polluting gases applied.

This is seen as a double benefit, both for the state acting as a supervisory body, and for the owner, as well must be constantly under review of his vehicle , and then detect any problems, which it would otherwise ignore until it has desired results.

It will be mandatory for any vehicle over the age of four, therefore the application for the BTI is pronounced, hence the need to make a preventive appointment.

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