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The keywords or also called Keywords, are undoubtedly those that they help your ad or your web page to rank among the top , when doing a related search. Therefore, it is important for SEO and online marketing users to use tools that make keyword research easier.

How to research keywords for my website - Keyword Tools

However, most of them are paid. But, fortunately, there are free tools which allow you to search for keywords at no price and guarantee impressive results.

Based on this, the main goal of this article is to introduce you to the best ones instruments to search for keywords without complications and then your website can get more success in internet traffic. Having known this, let's move on to what is really important.

      What is keyword research and what is it for?

      The first thing you should know is that by searching for keywords you can identify the most relevant words in the positioning of your website. With the main objective to increase the number of visits, because if you have the keywords, when you search for related information in the browser, your web page will be one of the first to appear. Here comes the importance of knowing where to place them and which ones are most ideal for your website.

      In general, keywords are the most important for your content website . Therefore, it is of great relevance for users who are dedicated to SEO. If this is your case, you will surely opt for tools that help you in this process. For this reason, here we will introduce you to the best ones.

      Free keyword research tools

      You've probably heard of some keyword research tools before, or maybe you've used one before. However, most of them are paid but fortunately there are some that are totally free, reliable and generate good results.

      Here we will introduce the best:

      • Google's keyword planner

      One of the most useful and users favorite tool is keyword planner, it is owned by Google. One of the main advantages of this platform is that indicates the number of monthly searches a word has on Google. This is an important detail when selecting the keyword.

      • Google Trends

      Another of the programs that Google offers us is this tool, useful for knowing which is the trend of a keyword . In this way the user will be able to know the growth of a word in question and in this way he will be able to determine if it helps him to obtain visits to his website.

      • Google search console

      Like the Google Search Consol previously exposed, it is another program from Google to search for keywords. Its function is that of indicating the main keywords with which users access yours website or blog.

      In this way, it is likely that it will recommend some keywords that you have not added and thus increase the number of visits.

      • Shit keyword

      The main focus of this tool is search keywords using introduced loing tail keyword . Be efficient to get a series of words, which will allow you to increase visits.

      • To found

      Through Found, users have the ability to get different keywords, combining several words . It also offers a quality and automatic service.

      Likewise, it should be noted that there are many more tools for getting keywords. However, these are the best and most used. They also have the distinction of being free . The important thing is that you can optimize them to the maximum and get the best possible results from them.

      Likewise, it is important to note that on our website you can get related and interesting information, such as how to insert a visitor counter in WordPress .

      Finally, we hope you found this article useful, however we would like your opinion Do you think these tools are important? Do you know any other keyword research programs? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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