How to reset my android apps easily?

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Is it possible to go back to a previous version of my Android applications? If this question has ever arisen, then you've come to the right place. For the Android operating system, the customization possibilities are endless, giving each user the ability to change mostly what they like.

Of course, as with everything, there are limitations (not everything we want can be at hand). However, pessimism aside, you can have the version you want, of the application you want, you just have to follow some steps that will not even take 10 minutes of your existence.

      Go back to a previous version of my Android applications

      As you have already read, yes, you can go back to a previous version of the application you want, but how is this achieved? Well, the first thing you should know is that you must immediately uninstall the current version of the application you want to go back to.

      This is because Android is only designed to go forward and not backwards, so if you don't uninstall it, it won't let you install another version and you will get a "Application not installed" error.

      As a warning when you do this, it is very likely that you will lose all the data of that application, because you can import files from an old version to a new one, but not vice versa, so that the data you had already saved will disappear.

      The next thing to know is that there are two ways to uninstall an App, the first is the simplest and is done with the applications you have installed, and is as everyone knows by leaving the App in question long pressed, to view the option "Uninstall" .

      The second way is with those applications that were already pre-installed on the device, these cannot be removed unless you have root, so what you have to do is uninstall their updates, so that they go back to their original state.

      This is very simple to do, you just need to go to Google Play, then to the corresponding application section and click on the button "Uninstall". Since this is an application that had been pre-installed, the confirmation window that will appear will read Do you want to uninstall all updates of this application from your Android system? It's as simple as syncing iOS notes to Android and clicking "Accept" And that's it.

      Install the version you prefer

      This is the easiest step for being able to restore my android apps to a previous version. The only problem you will find is that the previous versions are not on Google Play, so you have to download an APK of the application.

      Make sure you run a loading speed test on a web page so as not to hinder the process, as well as a Wi-Fi speed test.

      You can use pages like APK Mirror to find the version you want and download it, then you just have to install it like any other application and that's it. (For some it may be necessary to enable the function that allows you to accept external applications).

      Disable updates

      This is the shortest and most important step and without it none of the above makes sense, because if you don't disable the update option, everything will go back to the way it was when you had internet.

      To disable this action, always go to the Google Play Store, and look for the application in question, the three vertical gray dots representing the " Menu ”, pressing them a window will appear where there is an option called "Update automatically", uncheck that option and voila.

      After that, the process of rolling back to a previous version of my Android applications completed successfully and normally. The application should work perfectly and not present any kind of problems further on.

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