How to reset network settings in Windows 10? - Very easy

It usually happens that some devices we use, such as our computers, printers, routers, etc. they do not work properly. The same can happen with our operating system or our applications, for all this there is a solution. That's why the following tutorial will show you the simple steps to be able to reset network settings in Windows 10, very easily.

This has to be one of the biggest headaches and problems of concern for personal computer users. But this is something you shouldn't worry about anymore, as through this tutorial we will teach you how to re-establish your internet connection and for that you just have to follow these simple steps.

Il work operating Windows 10 it is very versatile and has incorporated new functions for the comfort and peace of mind of its users, allowing some faults to be corrected. As well as, for example, repairing a damaged external hard drive to recover information in Windows 10, very simple.

    How to reset network settings in Windows 10

    Next we will show you how to reset network settings in windows 10, in in order to remain with the factory parameters. So in this way we can delete any information we have saved such as passwords, networks, etc. then let's see what are the steps we have to take for this simple operation.

    To start we need to do the following, on your computer you will go to the Start menu to open the Settings section. It can also be accessed via keyboard shortcuts by pressing Win + R . then being in the settings window you will select the Networks and Internet option by clicking.

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    Now inside this window you have to search and choose, by clicking on the Status option, you can perfectly locate it in the left menu. Now go to the right side and look in the settings for the option Restoration area of network . This way you have restored the configuration to the one it had at the factory.

    Now you just have to wait for the process to take place, this may take several minutes and the computer must be restarted for the changes to take effect. So that later we can access the network configuration section in Windows 10 . And we make the necessary changes and adjustments so that it works as before.

    Network reset in Windows 10

    Then you will have all those original network adapters installed, as well as any other software you were using as a VPN. You will have to reinstall it and set it up again . Remember that this procedure is almost one hundred percent effective and can fix any problems you have had with your network connection.

    Remember that you also have to configure your WiFi connection , because when restoring factory settings. All data relating to your username and password have been completely erased. So try to reconfigure everything and leave nothing out, so that your network connection works correctly.

    This may seem like a pretty radical solution to you, but this is the only way to reset your network settings to factory settings. Furthermore, this solution repairs and solves the vast majority of problems you may have with your connection. So don't hesitate and use this guide, which is also very simple.

    And here we come with this tutorial which was in charge of teaching you the necessary steps you need to follow for reset network settings in Windows 10 . We hope it is an extra contribution, which allows you to solve several problems when using Windows 10.

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