How to reset or recover Office 365 email account passwords?

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Microsoft is always at the forefront. Both in applications, in operating systems, among others. It never ceases to amaze your users with extensions and packages that add even more content to your products. With that in mind, today you will see how to reset or recover Office 365 email account passwords.

And, because it's such a good company, most of its users suffer from slumps when they can't enter some of their emails. This is no different, since Microsoft uses a system where a single email can be the key to all of its programs (even for consoles like Xbox), so losing it isn't an option.

Please note that this tutorial will not help you recover your password anything else, if you want to restore or recover deleted users and emails, you should look for another guide.

    Reset or recover your Office 365 email account passwords

    The first thing you should know before resetting or recovering Office 365 email account passwords is that they are different processes, so each has a different method of doing it. For this reason the explanations will go separately, starting with the one to be recovered.

    This is the simplest, the first thing you need to do is go to the Microsoft home page where you have put all your emails and follow the steps below:

    First write your email and give the option called " NEXT ", this will take you to another window where you will need to enter your password. As you have probably forgotten or lost it, select the called section "I forgot the password".

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    You will be taken to another window, where you will be asked for your user ID and you will have to place the characters that will appear in an image. When you are done with both operations, click on the " NEXT ".

    Another section will open in which you will have to choose between three recovery methods, which are: send email to my alternate address, send SMS and call my mobile.

    To choose one you have to click on the box that is the method you have previously configured and confirm. If it is the text or e-mail message you will receive a written verification code, if it is called they will also tell you one, but spoken. Once you have the code, enter it and click " NEXT ".

    Finally, a tab will open where you will have to enter your new password and confirm it, do so and then return to the home page and log into your account normally.

    Reset your Office 365 passwords

    Now that you have left the first part of the question explanation , how to reset or recover Office 365 email account passwords? the second comes, resetting a password.

    To get this method you have to go to the Office 365 admin center, when it is there go to the "Information panel" located in the bar on the left side of the screen.

    Here select the call option "Reset user password" , which will be highlighted in blue on the right side of the screen below the called list "Administrator Shortcuts".

    This will direct you to the category "Users and groups", in that section now choose the user you want to reset the password to, with this a drop down panel will open where it will come pressed the option "Reset password" .

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    Once this is done, you will finally arrive at the last window, where you will see a bar in which you will have to enter the alternative email to which you want to send the new password. In case you want to see it right away without sending it, disable this option and click the button "Reset password".

    Then you will get a new temporary password once the page is reloaded, you just have to write it down and that's it. Now you know how to reset or recover Office 365 email account passwords, you just need to go to your application and start making the changes you want.

    Remember that this program also allows you to do other important things to consider, such as how to add a new user to an Office 365 group, how to disable Active Directory synchronization, among other things.

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