How to reset or restart my router to fix the internet connection?

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When we use electronic devices, such as routers, many of them usually have very serious problems that could compromise their integrity. But then we hear that if we restart or reset the device can return to its original functionality, but it is possible to do so. To answer you, we bring you the following tutorial which will easily teach you How to reset or restart my router to fix the internet connection?

Well, it is obvious to know that this extreme solution can solve problems that arise from a very slow connection or in the worst cases does not connect to the network. But this is something you need to do right and it does not generate more problems than solutions. And then we will tell you what you should do to reset or reboot my router for resolve the Internet connection.

Routers are very useful and versatile devices, but many times we are not aware of their potential and of the resources we can use to solve connection problems. That is why it is extremely important to know, for example, what the USB port of the wireless network router is for and what uses it can be given.

    How to reset or restart my router to fix the internet connection?

    You must be clear that there are many factors that can slow down your internet connection, one of them being temporary files. And through this procedure, you can eliminate them and resume normal speed. But even doing this process frequently, it is recommended for security reasons and to avoid hacker attacks.

    Now to get started and learn the steps for reset or restart my router to fix internet connection . The first thing to do is disconnect all connections from the router and modem, even the connection to the power outlet. Most routers have a built-in reset option, but when you use it, you can restore the factory settings and lose the current configuration.

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    After disconnecting the Router , leave it like this for at least 2 minutes, in order to verify that it has been completely turned off and that the devices that connect to it register the inactive network. Now you need to reconnect the modem to the power outlet, and you need to wait for it to indicate that there is an internet connection.

    The next step will be to plug the Router into the power outlet and modem, as well as any other connections. Now all that remains is to wait a few minutes for the Router to connect to the devices and restore the WiFi signal. The next step we will take is to update the firmware and this is nothing more than the software that the router needs to work.

    Steps to reset or restart my router to fix internet connection

    This software can be updated as an operating system would do , although it can be done automatically, but it doesn't happen many times. So for this we are going to download a new Firmware through the login of your Router. You will find this information on the label of the router.

    Then we will go to our browser and write the IP address of the Router then we will start the session by entering the username and password. Inside we will look for the option Update router or Update firmware. Then you need to follow the instructions to download the software, during this time the WiFi connections will not work.

    Hello, your router has been successfully updated and rebooted so that it doesn't do it to factory settings. It is recommended that you perform this type of reset regularly and therefore be able to delete temporary files which make it slow. Also for the security issue, it is good that you change keys and use passwords with a high level of security.

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    This is how we finish this excellent and very useful tutorial, for most users who need the internet to connect and keep up with our contacts and family. In this simple way you learned how to reset or restart my router to fix internet connection.

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