How to reset, restart or recover my Pokémon Go Go account

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Video game applications easily lead the Playstore marketplace. This is because the vast majority of people use smartphones as their primary means of entertainment and, among these media, video games are a very clear way in which a user can be entertained.

Between the most popular mobile games there is. If you are having trouble logging into your account, we will list some causes and solutions so that you can play as soon as possible.

What is Pokémon? What are Pokémon?

In 1994, Nintendo released two games that would completely change the way everyone played roll video games. These games were called Pokemon Green and Red, and despite its simplistic, pixel-art-based aesthetic, it had an incredibly combat system. complicated for the time.

In this game there are no normal animals like the ones we know in real life. In return there are beings called Pokémon, which have a certain level of intelligence and can be of many types, specifically, almost one for every natural aspect that exists.

That is, if there is rock in real life, there is a pokémon that is made of rock, because there is in itself a kind of pokémon that is made of rock. The same goes for water, wind, fire, earth, metal and other materials. The safest thing is that if you find a material, there is a type of pokémon for it. This is no joke, because there are also Pokémon of ghost and psychic type.

This game uses a system through which catch the Pokémon you want to tame, then put them into battle against other trainers' animals. Through this process, you level up your Pokémon, which makes it much stronger.

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In addition to this, winning battles makes your Pokémon love you more and earn more money in the game. The combat system is very complicated and has always been awarded as the best by all fans of the franchise.

What is Pokémon Go?

One of the main features of pokémon games is their availability. Since the company that develops the games, called Game Freak, is acquired by Nintendo, the Pokémon games have a fairly high level of exclusivity. However, trying to reach new markets, Nintendo began investing in the development of several games of the its major mobile phone franchises.

Among these franchises we can see Mario, Mario Kart and Pokémon. Pokémon was launched under the premise of Pokémon Go, which is a game that uses the abilities of your phone's camera and its processing system to create an augmented reality image on the device's screen, which allows you to see a pokémon inside the real world .

With this beast you can interact and even capture it. To fully enjoy the game, you need to know how to update Pokémon Go to the latest version.

The game is based on the same premise as the previous ones, only the augmented reality camera is added. Other than that, the game uses a GPS positioning system, so you have to leave the house to get Poke. To play, it is important that you can create a free pokémon Go account.

How to reset, restart or recover my Pokemon Go account?

First of all, it is important that you know what the minimum requirements are to be able to play Pokémon Go, because if you are trying to recover your account, it is because you have changed your phone. That said, to do this you have to log into the app on your phone.

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To reset your password, you need to enter section ¨ Login ¨, then you must provide your username and click on the I forgot my password option, which after verifying your identity, allows you to log in and create a new access code.

However, there are many people who want more than changing their password and being able to restart their progress. To do this, you need to log into the Niantic website. If you click on the link, you will be directed directly to the section where you can contact the technical service, which may delete the data from your account with your permission.

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