How to resize or resize photos and images without losing quality

In the pursuit of excellence we can run into some unwanted obstacles, which can limit the final result of our projects if we are not able to correct it. Images are elements of great extension and usage, but their dimensions are not general for all cases, the size of the image and its quality may vary.

In this variant runs into the problem of quality , nobody wants an image with a deplorable quality, and for this they resort to the large ones, because they usually have a higher resolution. The same goes for the audiovisual field, nobody wants to have something blurry or pixelated, that's why they try, for example, to improve the quality of an online video.

Or use tools like Pingo to compress and reduce the size of an image. All this obviously to preserve its quality. Being such an important and useful subject, it is necessary to enlarge it, so that you know how to resize, or change the size of photos and images , without losing quality.

Here you will learn everything you need to know in order to resize all your images in the simplest way. So you will never lose its quality anymore.

    Ways to change the size of images from mobile

    App to resize jpg and png images for Android

    Photoczip - Compress Resize:

    Ridimensionami! Pro - Photo & Picture Resizer:


    Use Photoshop to resize a photo or image without losing quality

    Resize images on a website

    It is worth mentioning some websites for this purpose, which are very useful and can serve as tools that help those who want to have an image of the same quality, but in a different dimension. Some of them are:

    • ILoveIMG
    • PicHance
    • Image Zoom in
    • TinyPNG
    • Squoosh
    • Compress JPEG
    • Pine tools
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    Likewise, it should be noted that there are mobile applications that make this process possible in the same way and preserve image quality , giving a new dimension, some of these are:

    • photocopy.
    • Resize me! Pro
    • Photo resizing

    Editor to compress photos and images online for free



    Resize photos and images in centimeters or pixels


    • How to resize multiple images at the same time

        When resizing an image, can it lose quality?

        This will depend on the process with which the resizing is performed , it could be an image that you want to increase in size without losing quality. Or that you want to resize an image online, anyway, the key is in the process.

        A quick measure that many internet users take for resize an image and make it smaller is to take a screenshot, for convenience of time or ignorance. This is an example of how an image in question is resized but loses quality to a large extent and gradually as you go through the same overlay process.

        The ideal will be to switch to the most suitable means for resize the image , we will see what they are and how it can be done.

        Resize or resize photos and images without losing quality

        The ideal will be switch to digital media , which facilitate the process, one of great use to resize the size without losing quality, will be ResizePixel, which is accessed on the web and facilitates the work of users. For this, only the following is required:

          Resize an image from your computer

          If you do not want switch to an online resize , it is possible to do this from the computer and its internal tools, in this case we will use Paint, which is extremely simple.

          For such effects, we must open Paint on our computer, immediately after, it comes loaded the image you want to resize , inside the taskbar, you can see the "change size" section.

          By making a clip on it, a window appears in which it is necessary enter the new dimensions you want. It is important that in the same window, make sure that the "keep aspect ratio" option is activated and all that remains is to select "accept".

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