How to resize your image without losing quality online

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On at least one occasion we have happened to want to send an image by post or via one of the social media platforms. What is happening? We cannot send it due to the very high resolution or the size of the large file.

How to resize your image without losing quality online

Most platforms have a maximum weight limit on file transfers. Since we understand your problem, we find and offer your solution. Also, today we will teach you how resize the images without damaging their quality and online.

In other cases, the image consists of a very small resolution, in which it is difficult to distinguish what kind of photo it is. Either because the image is old and you need to restore it, poor quality or has great sentimental value, what you want is enlarge it to a higher resolution, but without losing quality .

Is it possible to resize small images?

This is something that is not that easy to achieve, since when resizing the image from small to large the image will lose always or its composition will be changed (in most cases negatively).

However, today various tools and applications (such as Photoshop) have been developed that give us the ability to resize and enlarge an image while preserving its quality.

While they probably don't do it 100%, they do their job very well. In most cases, the loss of quality is barely noticeable. Even in some of these online tools you could note that the image has improved.

Note that today there are also tools to resize images offline. Although they may not work the same way as online tools.

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Online platforms for resizing images

To access these tools for change the size of the images, a Google search is enough, and this search engine will offer you the different platforms that offer these services.

Among the web portals that allow you to resize images (accepting practically all types of formats) there are:,, and

How to resize images?

The process for changing the size of the images is very simple. On their platforms you will see a button with the option " Shop by Department "," Upload image "or" Choose file Click on it to go to your browser and find the image you want to resize.

It is important to remember that you will resize one or more images at the same time, these images must be stored on your computer or smartphone . If the image you want to resize is on a website, you will need to download it first. If the image is not on your device, the web tool will not be able to access the image you want to edit.

Edit the images

In particular, each tool (both offline and online) has its own characteristic image editor , with several ways and options to edit images. In some, you need to click and drag a box or just use a slider to change the final scale.

Similarly, you can find several edit panels where you can establish exact measurements for the size of the images.

Adjust the compression level

Some of these web tools allow you to configure how much the image will be compressed yourself. This is mainly for high resolution and size images. If you try to compress an image too much, the its size will certainly be reduced . However , Also its quality will .

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Although not all web portals are equipped with this tool , the best have it. Configure it to your liking and proceed to accept the compression level.

After configuring the new dimensions of the image, you can proceed to download the image. The platform will show a button indicating the progress or download of the new image. You can also preview the new resized image.

Download the new image

When you download the image, yes recommends saving it without replacing the original file . Since, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the changes made, you can delete the new photo and keep the original. This way, you can repeat the process over and over again until you get the results you expect.

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