How to resolve or fix the Google Chrome DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET error

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Human beings are technologically dependent beings. That is, we will always have to be close to a technological terminal for whatever reason. What's great about this is that improved our style di "vita" in ways we never imagined before.

One of the ways humans have used the technologies they have developed is through communications. Today more than ever there is a globalized and interconnected population. This is because thanks to the internet we can communicate immediately. Humans usually turn to the Internet for be able to access any kind of knowledge , as it is available almost immediately to everyone who is connected to the network.

However, many times we get all these technological devices to have an error and unable to connect to the internet. This is because connecting to the Internet is an active process that requires your computer to be in constant communication with the server and that this communication takes place via various keys or encodings that allow you to connect.

    How to fix the "DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET" error in the browser

    This has two variations, since there is a solution for those users who use a PC computing device and another solution for those who have a mobile device.

    Clear cache

    Cambia IP in Windows

    We will start helping those coming from your computer. You have to go to the beginning and in the launch bar you will see that a button in the shape of a magnifying glass appears. This is used to search for items on your computer or send it to execute commands that allow us to access various important parts of your software. In this case, we must write the sentence 'ncpa.cpl' and press Enter.

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    Once this is done, you will get a new screen with several Internet options, among which you will be able to recognize the word "IPv4 address". You need to click on this, so that you can access the protocol and change the DNS server. For that, you need to hover your mouse over this option and click where it says "Properties". Once here, you have to change the DNS to Google's , which is You should also check the 'Set dynamic IP' option.

    Why am I getting the error 'DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET'?

    How to do a DNS configuration to avoid the error

    What is Google Chrome? Who did it?

    This is a very popular web browser, as it uses a technology that does not have a speed comparison between its opponents. This is because Google Chrome does not skimp on using as much RAM possible to load the pages as quickly as possible.

    Google Chrome, as the name suggests, was developed by the tech giant Google. These have a lot of high speed servers, too they have a team of developers that is second to none , as they also created the legendary Android mobile operating system. The most important thing about all of this is that Google did it for free, so you can download Google Chrome for free anytime you want on your personal computer or PC.

    It is always important to know how to download the latest version of Google Chrome, as this is the one that will have the least bugs and will be optimized in the best way for today's phones.

    Do you have a solution on Android? What causes this problem?

    If you want to fix it on an Android phone, we recommend that you go to the options section, then to the app options. In this section you will see several options, including one that says "Clear / Clear Cache". You need to select and run this option, so that the app will completely restart and delete any errors that might be causing this problem.

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    This is caused by a number of variations that can affect everything from internet service to the connection you have with your router. Many times, you will have the problem in your computer's IPv4 protocol. However, many people have also realized that this mistake does check when the service provided by the Internet has a locked page . If this happens, it's important that you know that experts recommend several tricks, such as connecting to a VPN.

    If you are a longtime Windows user, then you know that Chrome is prone to a number of annoying problems and it happens with older Android users too. Only true tech geeks know what to do when Google Chrome won't open.

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