How to restore backups to bcd files in Windows 10?

Computers are something unique and wonderful, created for human beings to become more orderly and efficient. But, like any creation, it is not free from showing errors from time to time, such as not starting. That's why today you will see how restore backups in bcd file to Windows 10.

Because there's nothing worse than equipment stopping working for no apparent explanation. Leaving all the important works and files trapped and forcing the user to pay huge sums of money to get them back.

      How to easily restore backups to bcd files on Windows 10?

      First, for those who do not know what the topic is about, it is necessary to explain what a BCD file is. Basically this is the one that holds all the OS boot information, so if it gets corrupted or damaged, will throw an error that prevents the computer user from logging in.

      To be able to restore backups in bcd files in Windows 10 just like blocking access to a user in Windows 10 , you just have to open a command prompt window (that would be the CMD table), where you have to place the following: bcedit /import d :/backup.bcd.

      Obviously the command must be modified so that it reports the path of the unit where you want to save and the name you want. With this, the copy will be restored and the computer will reopen normally.

      Crea backup del file BCD

      Logically, if you don't have a copy created and you don't know how to do everything, the previous one is useless to you. That's why you'll learn how to create your own backup. The first thing you should know is that for this the CMD table will be used to insert the commands.

      Number one opens a prompt window command with administrator permissions (show CMD), then type bcdedit /export D:backup.bcd., being the command used to create the backup, then type instead of D , the letter of the drive where you want it to be saved the copy file and also replace the name with whatever you want.

      Then just hit the enter key and your backup copy of the file BCD it should be saved automatically, avoiding problems in the future.

      Third Party Assistance

      The command prompt also allows you to view and find your Windows server product key, and even get information about versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system, whichever is right for you.

      If you don't have much idea how to handle commands in command prompt window, you need another solution for restore bcd file backups on Windows 10.

      And this with the help of a third-party program called EasyBCD, which is completely free and easy to use software. The first thing to do is download and install the program on your PC.

      Then open the tool and select the menu option named "BCD backup/repair", once inside you just have to configure the file name and drive or path, this will automatically create your copy with the specifications provided.

      In addition, this tool also serves to restore copies created by itself, so if at some point in time you need to restore, you have used it.

      I don't have a copy

      If you haven't yet done what it takes to restore BCD file backups in Windows 10 and you find yourself without any copies on your system, don't despair that there is still a solution.

      First start with the same Windows 10 boot disk, there will be an option called "Repair your computer" click there, then select "Troubleshooting" , Then "Advanced options" and finally "Command Prompt".

      If everything went well the CMD table will appear, enter these commands: bootrec /fixmbr this will write a new MBR, bootrec /fixboot this is one of the most important because it creates a new boot sector in the operating system, solving possible errors.

      And finally bootrec /rebuildbcd scans the hard drive and if it finds a windows installation it sticks it to the BCD. After this process with the three commands restart the PC and everything should be solved.

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