How to return a product or make a return in Mercado Libre

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Today it is common to find various pages of online stores for buying and selling many items you may need. Using these shops or having the idea of ​​setting up your own shop has many benefits because it gives you the opportunity to have your own business and generate revenue.

We just don't have to worry about canceling the lease of the site where your business is supposed to be, or paying for maintenance, service, staff, stationery. Many people like you prefer buy online to save time , transportation and resources, you can have a wide variety of stores offering you everything from toys, appliances, cars, among others.

How to return a product or make a return in Mercado Libre

Many entrepreneurs or companies use these pages to attract customers not only in the city where it is located but also nationally or internationally. These stores offer you different payment methods from PayPal, Bitcoin, wire transfers, credit cards and after it is canceled they proceed to send you the product so that it arrives at the door of your home or business.

There are different shops in which to sell, buy products o servizi come: Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, DealeXtreme, BangGood, Joom, Yoshop, Zulily, Wish Mercado Libre.

What is the free market?

Mercado libre is the virtual shop most famous of Latin America that offers you the purchase and sale of all services and products available on its website.

Many independent companies and vendors use it to offer a wide variety of anything you want at your disposal. Mercado libre was born from the idea of ​​Marco Galperin in the 70s with the help of his professor Jack McDonad in order to consolidate this idea with large investors who contributed to the expansion of this great company in several Latin American countries.

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It offers sellers numerous tools to increase their sales, as well as perform the management of the marketing of the product or service . You can be part of this Mercado Libre group simply by entering it and creating your account by filling in the requirements to be able to log in and make your sales or purchase in it.

Like other sales pages or sites like Amazon, Wish, Mercado Libre gives you the opportunity to expand as a seller or business owner. On this site you can publish your products or services adapted to your budget; For example, if you want your publication to be free, it should be for a short time and without many photos, or if you prefer, you have the classic or premium plan.

You also have the possibility to know the qualification of your seller based on his experiences obtained with previous sales, which allows you to know the degree of reliability and responsibility of the same. And give your rating when you sell it to help the cause.

What do I do if the purchase of a product does not meet my expectations and I want to return it?

If the moment you receive the purchase you notice that the product is not the one you purchased or that it has a defect, of below I will provide you with a series of steps that you must follow to make your return efficient:

Step 1

Enter the free market page and look under Buy the Free Return or Exchange tab and copy the steps.

Step 2

Then you will see a code that you will use to return the product, although I suggest that you contact the seller in advance to explain the reasons for returning the product.

Step 3

If to make the purchase the seller has reached an agreement that he will carry out the delivery and also in this case after having wanted to return the product it is not possible to contact him, you can use the courier or file a complaint. However, they won't give you the code or label.

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Step 4

When making a return, check again that the product is the same as when it was received, without being used and with all its accessories. Keep it in its own packaging, wrap it up and protect it from accidents.

Step 5

Finally, remember to print the label with the code that has been delivered to you previously and to proceed with the delivery of the package to the nearest post office.

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