How to save battery or make it last longer without frills CPU control

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It has happened to all of us to leave our homes in the direction of our place of work or study and when we return, our cell phone battery is in a critical state, as it has been all this time without being connected to a power source. .

In the long run, arriving at our home with the battery in critical condition and performing this operation to recharge it can gradually decrease the useful life of our battery, which is why over time applications have been developed and ways to do it doesn't happen.

In today's article on how to do it, we will explain how you can save the battery of your Android mobile device, using an application called ' No Frills CPU Control ', with which you will stop having these problems.

Next we will show you a short, but really comprehensive summary on this topic, from what is this application? Also how to make our battery last a little longer than desired?

    This is an application whose function is to underclock our mobile phones. In other words, you can say that a underclock technically slows down our processor (CPU).

    These types of alternatives are perfect for saving battery in your Call of Duty game or any other game, as it is possible to do whatever we need while reducing the work demands of our processor.

    When we do the above, it is possible to save the battery of our mobile devices a little more and we can too prevent it from overheating so more than adequate.

    How to download the No Frills CPU Control application on our smartphone?

    To save the battery of our cell phone or mobile device from this method, it is necessary to download an application, otherwise it will be impossible to continue, to achieve this you need to follow the following steps:

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      How to set up no-nonsense CPU control to save battery

      The first thing we need to do is go to the central application panel and open the application in question, and immediately we go to the top right of the screen and press where it says' maximum clock frequency '. At this point we can observe all the processor speeds of our mobile phone.

      We have to choose one intermediate CPU frequency such as 1.326 GHz in this way we can carry out daily activities without affecting the performance of our device in any way. Then we have to press "apply"

      At this point we already have a processor that has a lower speed and indirectly this will help save energy.

      It is not advisable to make any other type of adjustment, much less check the box ' apply at startup ', because if we do, when we restart our mobile, we will recover the previously modified speed. In this way, the speed of our processor is affected and thus indirectly the energy saving in our mobile.

      Once you have completed all these steps and settings, you will be able to use your mobile for a longer period of time and this will also increase the useful life of your battery.

      What are the applications that consume the most battery in the mobile?

      • Adjust the brightness of the screen

        Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

        Enabling airplane mode can also be an option

        Close background apps

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