How to save my videos in Tik-Tok gallery privately without posting

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Tik-Tok, a platform for share short videos of less than a minute; If you are wondering how and where can I download the Tik Tok application? , the short answer is Play Store. This app can be used to record entertainment videos or for marketing. But many are interested to know like save videos to Tik-Tok without posting them.

How to save my videos in Tik Tok Gallery privately without posting

This social network of Chinese origin has many curiosities that have captured the interest of users. For example, it allows you to put Tik Tok videos as wallpaper on your Android phone. Besides coins, what are Tik Tok coins for? ; it is a type of incentive, which gives added value to this community.

      Create a draft of a video

      There are two ways to view in preview videos . One way is to create a video outside the Tik-Tok application, recording it directly with your mobile phone and keeping it until you want to upload it. Another way is to register on Tik-Tok and archive it as a draft. But as we explain step by step.

        This will allow you to set different scenarios for different videos . You will be able to design these videos to your liking and edit them for later publication; You can even make Tik Tok videos with other voices. The other way is to record the video from your phone and keep it there until you need it. To do this you must:

          Close the bozza of the video his Tik-Tok

          These drafts are archived in the gallery . By making them private, no one can see them, so they'll be there until you want to use them. If you want to publish them, they will be in the app gallery, and this is the procedure:

            In this way the video will be live and the public will be able to see it.

            Save videos to Tik-Tok without publishing them

            The above steps are a precaution so that your video doesn't accidentally get published before it's ready. This will ensure that if you accidentally post that video, it will remain private.

            Public videos are different as they are accessible to anyone using Tik-Tok. To change a public video to private, even after you've published it, do the following.

              In this way the video will not be in the search and will not be seen from other Tik-Tok users. You can also make a private video public.

              Save videos to Tik-Tok without posting them and then delete them

              If you don't need it, you can delete a video instead of making it private . This way the video will automatically disappear from the network.

                Now you can save your videos in the gallery without publishing them making drafts. It's easy and functional; And now that you know, tell your friends and other users, it will surely be very helpful to create fabulous videos that will bring you much fame.

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