How to save or reduce mobile data consumption on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, which is why more and more users use this social network on their mobile devices; But its continued use causes mobile data to run out quickly.

How to save or reduce mobile data consumption on Instagram

This post will show you how to save or reduce mobile data consumption on Instagram , without the need to delete this popular application.

The creators of Instagram have designed an option so that you can save mobile data, and that is that you can easily configure your Instagram account so that the videos are not reloaded with your mobile data; they only play when they are connected to Wi-Fi.

    Steps to save or reduce mobile data consumption on Instagram:

    Using this method to save mobile data will help you prevent automatic uploading of videos; but when connected to Wi-Fi, the functioning of Instagram will not be affected.

    You can also save the data with high resolution media files on your Android device:

      The purpose of using this data saving method is to reduce the consumption of mobile data; It is true that photos will take longer to load and some videos will play in lower quality, but you can save many GB per month.

      Other tips to save or reduce mobile data consumption when using Instagram:

      • View videos, posts and stories only when you are connected to Wi-Fi .
      • Upload videos with the lowest possible quality.
      • If you are looking for something in particular, we recommend that you search for the user and publication you want; to avoid loading all publications and generate greater data consumption.
      • View with mobile data only the videos and photographs of the publications that are really necessary or that interest you; the rest of the content can be viewed when you connect to Wi-Fi.
      • When upload some photos to your account, upload them in the lowest possible quality . To do this, go to the "Adjustment" option, hit "Settings" and finally change the upload quality on a base.
      • Something very useful is to check your Instagram from your PC.
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      The consumption of mobile data using Instagram varies for each user; for example an average user can spend about 200 MB a day if he sees 1000 photos, this expense is also influenced by the resolution of his mobile.

      Viewing videos consumes a large amount of mobile data; for example, if you play 6 videos a day you can consume up to 22 MB and if you use the direct ones to talk to your friends you can spend 10 MB for every minute you use ; that is, if you use 3 minutes straight, you would spend 30 MB; something that can quickly consume your data.

      The Instagram app is the most popular social network and at the same time it is the network that consumes the most data, if you are addicted to this social network, follow these tips to save data and continue to enjoy browsing this famous network

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