How to save the battery in my smartwatch so it doesn't drain quickly?

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Next, we will see how to save my smartwatch battery so it doesn't drain quickly . In a nutshell, we will see how to improve the autonomy of our smartwatch.

There is no denying that a smartwatch is very convenient and useful. The problem is that generally the autonomy of these smartwatches does not last long and it is not pleasant at all to have to charge them while we do it also with our phone.

How to save the battery in my smartwatch so it doesn't drain quickly?

For this reason it is always best to try to save the battery of our smartwatch . The best thing is that these devices have a lot of features that we don't actually use too much and that we can turn off, among other configurations we can do to save some battery.

In the end, if you apply all the tips we will give you a little bit below, you can save a huge amount of battery and your watch will last much longer. This way you will avoid being constantly worried that your watch will eventually turn off. We will start with this series of tips to avoid wasting my battery smartwatch.

Save battery in smartwatch

Block notifications from some apps

Of course notifications drain your battery, no matter how minimal it is. More notifications you have from different applications, the more battery you will consume. Ideally, leave the most important notifications and block the rest.

Most smartwatches have the option of block applications or disable them . We highly recommend that you do this, especially for those apps you are not interested in having annoying warnings from time to time.

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Automatic brightness

The brightness management systems they have always consumed a lot of battery in how much, having to constantly adjust the brightness by processing the external light, this causes more energy than usual to be used.

Especially if you spend a lot of time in specific environments, the automatic brightness is always activated. Ideally, you should activate them if you know you will be moving from place to place.

How to extend the battery life of my smartwatch


As in any device that requires a battery to function. More functions, tools, connections, etc. If you have it activated, the more battery it will use. If you have activated Wi-Fi, NFC e Bluetooth , obviously you will consume too much battery.

The same happens in cell phones, the more connectivity options you have, the more battery you will spend. Imagine that the mobile data connection on a phone spends a lot more than connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Leaving them both on is convenient, but it consumes too much battery. The same goes for a smartwatch, the more you activate it, the more battery it will consume.

Wrist movements

Motion functions drain the battery , more than you might imagine. So if you decide to turn off gestures, you will make it last much longer. Also on many occasions we don't even use them.

From right panel of the clock , you need to open the parameters and then find the "Wrist Movements" option to turn it off.

Cinema mode

With the cinema mode you can put your smartwatch into hibernation mode which turns off the screen completely and the only way to turn it on is via the power button.

Activating it is very simple since we simply have to go to the top panel and then click on the clock icon. The clock battery will be greatly improved. This is an excellent option for when we are in places where we don't want to be disturbed.

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In this way we get that it SmartWatch do not bother us and in the meantime we save battery since we will not even use it.

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