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The computer is one of the instruments di basis today, regardless of the sector for which it is intended. The care of this equipment is essential to guarantee its functioning for many years. In this article, you will learn how to scan a page for threats.

This is why it is advisable to gradually carry out a series of actions aimed at computer maintenance . Physical cleaning, in the case of desktop computers, is vital, as dust accumulation can be fatal.

The care your computer deserves

Likewise, cleaning and maintaining the system is just as or more important as this helps optimize the fluidity with which these devices operate . Likewise, installation or replacement of parts is recommended.

Finally, in the use you give to your computer, be it a table or a laptop, it has to do with web pages. In fact, it's a piece of advice worth taking even when using other devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

Latent danger on the web

For some time now they have been reading and listening to complaints from users about some elements they skip when they visit a web page. Advertisements, pop-ups, downloads of malicious files for your computer, smartphone, tablet or any other device with a browser.

Caution never hurts

However, it can sometimes seem insufficient. Malware lurking, waiting for anyone visiting a site to download or click on advertisements or downloads needed to jeopardize all information on your device .

Is there any way to prevent these types of cases? Fortunately yes. And that is why, in this article, you will learn some tools that will allow you to know if there are any threats when you visit a web page , so you can keep your computer, phone or tablet safe from any malware that could have a fatal impact on your device.

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Browse with confidence and security

In that order of ideas, one of the tools they will surely recommend for optimize the security levels in your browser are the extensions corresponding to ad blockers.

Intrusive ads have become famous for tracking and recording users' routines on different devices and across different web pages, among which they register sites and search items to later display them in the form of advertisements.

Track threats and avoid headaches

Do you think that to use this type of tool you have to download the programs and install them on your computer? At all! The best thing about the alternatives that will be shown below is that they are online options through which a web page can be crawled to track threats .

SUCURI, highly effective

One of the most recommended alternatives for this type of work is SUCURI, an online tool absolutely free which will help you detect threats stored by some web pages.

All you have to do is enter the address of the page and SUCURI will take care of the rest, which will perform a scan and show you all the results of malware or other types of threats. Now, if the result is green, it means the page is safe.

Quettera, infallible detector

With a management similar to the previous one, Quettera presents itself as another of the ideal alternatives for detect possible threats on a web page . Also in this case, by entering the page address, this platform, online and free, will have the task of showing you the links that contain suspicious elements.

SiteGuarding, fast and secure

Functionality and manipulation similar to the previous ones, but with greater speed and effectiveness in obtaining results, SiteGuarding gives you will allow also to know what kind of malicious elements web pages contain you are visiting, so as to avoid giving them access to your computer.

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Which do you prefer?

After knowing all these options, you will surely be able to browse the web with greater peace of mind, knowing that these extraordinary tools exist for prevent some malware from entering your computer , phone or tablet. Select the one you prefer and you will see how useful and effective they are. Analyzing a page for threats has never been easier. What are you waiting for? Protect your equipment!

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