How to scan images and documents with your mobile

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In today's article we will talk about How to scan images and documents with your mobile? When we talk about scanning, we are referring to the action of passing an image or document through a scanner to be processed and transformed into data by a computer.

Scanning is a constant process in institutional settings, as documents must be preserved and cannot be lost in the event of an accident. This process mainly took place through scanner or printers that have this built-in option.

However, as the years went by and the advancement of technology, mobile phones have acquired more and more functions, scanning being one of them.

Although they do not come implicitly in the functions of a mobile phone, there are several applications with which we can achieve our goal. After this brief introduction we will talk about How to scan images and documents with your mobile?

Also, we will see some of the best applications out there to scan images with our mobile. Mention and explain each of these topics.

How can I scan images and documents with my mobile phone?

A mobile phone has everything you need to scan a physical image or document. As mentioned at the beginning, we need to use an application that gives us the ability to scan. Most applications usually follow the same steps while scanning . These are:

  1. Focus the camera on what we want to scan. We have to keep a good pulse, get good lighting and check that what we are scanning is understood .
  2. From the "tap" to the action button that the application has, starting the scan that can last a few seconds longer than a normal "photo".
  3. Finally, confirm the scan we did. At this point all that remains is to check if we liked the final result, taking into account aspects such as the legibility of the image or document .
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These are the common steps that are followed when scanning an image or document in any application. Knowing how we can scan with our mobile, with which application can i scan? We'll answer this question in moments, showing you some of the best document scanners.

What are the best applications for scanning images and documents with a mobile phone?

Scanning with our mobile phone is a big plus, which makes it easy to scan in just a few steps . Especially when we are in banking or government procedures, where a large number of scans are required, making it impossible to go home. But fortunately we have applications that offer us this service.

In application stores there is usually a large number of applications of all kinds, so find a good one application to scan images and documents it can take some time. However, we will show you some of the best applications to scan from our mobile, saving you much of the time it takes to find a good application. Some of these applications are:


The first application we will see today is CamScanner, which is like for iOS devices. It allows us to scan everything our mobile camera captures, be it images or documents, giving a good image without losing any quality . The application is available for free and for a fee.

Office objective

Another good application we have for scanning images and documents is Office Lens. We can and in the Apple Store. It is developed for the Office program group developed by the multinational Microsoft, although it was designed to scan a school's blackboards in the same way, we can use it to scan what we want .

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