How to schedule a timer to shut down Windows 10 at a specific time

There are various reasons why you might want to set a timer to shut down Windows 10. You can even set an app to shut down automatically in Windows 10. If you don't know how to do it, don't worry, it's not a difficult process.

Also, you can rest assured, because today we will explain to you how to schedule a timer to shut down windows 10 at a certain time. But first, let's see why you should set a timer for Windows 10 to automatically shut down from time to time.

      Why schedule a timer to shut down Windows 10 at a certain time

      Think for a moment that you are downloading a file to your computer, but you need to exit and the download hasn't finished yet. You don't like leaving your computer on, but turning it off would mean losing your download progress. One solution to this would be set a timer to shut down your Windows 10 PC after the download is complete.

      Also, this case also applies to cases where you are sending a document and you want your computer to shut down after it is sent. You can also schedule your PC to shut down and start up automatically, so you don't have to shut down your computer manually. So learning how to program this timer will be something useful for you and you can take advantage of this option.

      How to set a timer to shut down Windows 10 at a certain time

      Windows 10 allows its users to make various customized settings on their PC, like scheduling a scan in Windows Defender Antivirus, easily and quickly. Also, there are several ways to program the timer, but today we're going to tell you the two easiest and simplest ways:

      From the Windows 10 task scheduler

      To access this section in Windows 10, you need to enter the words "Scheduler" in the Windows search bar. When the option appears, click on it and then click on the Create a Basic Task option.

      To easily recognize them, call him "Auto Shutdown". So schedule it on the Once option and click continue and now you need to set the date and time your computer will shut down. And then click Next.

      Then follow the path Action> Start a program and once there, a window will appear where you will place the program to run. To find the one corresponding to what you want to do, you have to select the Browse button and then File Explorer will open.

      So, you have to follow the path C: WindowsSystem32 and in the latter option, and look for the file called shutdown.exe or just shutdown and double click it. Then you will go back to the main window and now you need to see if the address C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe in the bar and if it appears, click the Next button if you can.

      Now, feedback will be made on what you have planned and you will take the opportunity to see if everything is in order. To complete the process, select end and the sleep timer will be programmed.

      From the Run tool

      To access this tool, you have to hold down the key Windows and the letter R or type in the search bar "Run".

      After you get this window and you're already there, you need to write the command shutdown -s -t [seconds in which the computer will be shut down]. That is, if you want your Windows 10 PC to shut down in 30 minutes, you should enter the 30 minutes in seconds, like this: shutdown -s -t 300.

      Then, click OK and then it will schedule Windows 10 shutdown and notify you and the date and time it will run.

      Now that you have the knowledge to schedule the sleep timer in Windows 10, what are you waiting for! You will have the opportunity to program this option in such a way that it suits your needs and preferences, then you will be satisfied with this tool. And also, among the many options that Windows offers you, there is the automatic restart of Windows 10 after each update.

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