How to search emails in Gmail with advanced search?

Gmail is a tool that can already be considered a great friend, not only because it has been around for years, but if you are one of those who still have your first email, this application already knows you perfectly. But do you know her? If the answer is no, you should learn how to search emails in Gmail with advanced search

It may seem unnecessary, but for someone who uses email for everything (as it should be), it's essential and there's always something new to learn. To make your life more comfortable and manage yours Message like an expert, this is your tutorial. It's a process as simple as sending an email with an attachment in Gmail — that is, it doesn't require much experience to tell the truth.

      Two options to find emails in Gmail with advanced search

      As always , Gmail offers us two alternatives or variants that we can use to search more effective our emails, which are lost due to hoarding or carelessness. You need to create a Gmail email account if you don't have one, but it's not boring, it doesn't even take that long.

      The first option is the search tab, in the bar that allows us to search we must press the arrow that looks down (it is at the end of the bar), with this a new window or tab will appear.

      This contains many fields that can help us discriminate what we are looking for, for example some of the criteria it covers are: "From" who sent the message, "A" who received it, "Subject" the title you entered and also "Contains the words" e "It does not contain" . Finally and under this tab you have what are perhaps the most important options, the "Size" and the "Date Range".


      The second and best option for searching emails in Gmail with advanced search is the specialized commands called "operators" (words and symbols that have special actions). There are many of them, but today you will learn about the most useful of this long list, which begins with: "And" which is to specify the sender of a message or its cousin “A”, which is used to search for the recipient.

      Then, there is " Subject ”, which searches for the words you entered in the subject, is also there "Label" which, as its name translates, looks for the tags assigned to that message. Next will be "Has:attachment" which searches for messages that have a file attachment in them, there is also "List" which will search for any message that is in a mailing list.

      Next on this list to learn how to search emails in Gmail with advanced search is "Filename", which searches attachments by both name and type (like JPG, for example). Then we have the » » "quotation marks", who will investigate to find the exact phrases without distinguishing between upper and lower case (you have to enter the words inside them).

      After that you have the "Brackets", which work by grouping words and specifying which terms should not be excluded, followed by the “Plus symbol” , this is used to find exact matches in the terms you have tried to search for.

      And already culminating, there is before "In" which searches for messages in the different sections of Gmail specifically (you need to specify which one, for example: in:trash), and its cousin "Is" is also found, which in the same way there are specifications to search for messages depending on their status.

      Other very useful commands

      As you could read, search emails in gmail with advanced search not only is it possible, but with a list of commands it is extremely simple.

      So even if they sent encrypted emails from Gmail, these commands are able to find them easily.

      So to finish up here are the last two commands (which are probably the most useful). These are called "CC" e "BCC" and they basically do the same thing, which is to search for messages that were sent with, or as a copy, to multiple recipients.

      This is enough for you to see Gmail in a different way and never again have to go through the hassle of searching through thousands of messages with the mouse, because you forgot someone's name or forgot what was in them.

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