How to search in Cortana in Google Chrome or Firefox - fast and easy

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Unlike Cortana, Microsoft Edge is not widely used. To encourage its use, the company has configured its assistant to use Edge as the default browser. If you want to use your favorite browser instead, this article will show you how to make Cortana search Google Chrome or Firefox quickly and easily .

How to search in Cortana in Google Chrome or Firefox - fast and easy

      How to search for Cortana in Google Chrome or Firefox

      You need to make one of these browsers yours first default Internet search program ; To do this, follow these simple steps, but if you've done it before you can skip this part:

        With this configuration, every time you open a link from a Windows application, the browser that will be used will be the one you chose. However , Cortana will continue to search Edge.

        To fix this you will need to download a third party app called EdgeDeflector which will force Cortana to respect your search preferences. After downloading and installing the program, follow these steps:

          After performing the above, all searches made by Cortana they will open in the browser that you have set as your default program including voice searches.

          However, it's important for you to know that this change you've made could be lost with a major Windows update. If this happens, perform the steps we outlined above again.

          How to make Cortana search with Google instead of Bing

          Now, in some cases , your default browser's search engine has changed to Bing , then Cortana uses your favorite browser but with the Microsoft search engine. If this happens to you, you can make Cortana adapt to your preferences and use Google as a search engine.

          In Google Chrome

          Using the Google browser, you can change your default search engine to the traditional way. If that doesn't work, you'll need to find and install a Chrome extension called Chrometane .

          Once installed, you just have to configure it by clicking on it and selecting the "Settings" option. Once there, you can choose from several search engines, including Google. Then select it and restart your browser, after which you will be able to use Cortana normally.

          In Mozilla Firefox

          If you are using Firefox, click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the interface and click on "Options". Next, scroll down to the "Search" section, tick the "Default search engine" checkbox, and finally click the "Google" option.

          Whichever app you use, after configuring these settings, you'll be able to make sure that Cortana searches using your favorite browser and your favorite search engine.

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