How to see App Usage Statistics on Android?

The mobile phone has become an essential part of our life to the point of becoming one need for the most part. However, it can consume a significant portion of our time and without even realizing it. Check the app usage time statistics on your mobile for check your consumption time .

    Consult the statistics of the time of use of the App

    Some versions of Android have a tool that allows you to measure the consumption time in each application . Not only in the consumption of time, but also in the consumption of data of each one.

    The tool will depend on the type of Android device and each alternative has different functions. In any case that you do not have a native application to view App statistics, you can always download a third-party application from Play Store .

    Android digital wellness

    It is the default application that Android 9 brings to monitor consumption time for each application. It was originally made for versioni Android One e Pixel, but gradually other manufacturers have implemented it.

    From digital well-being you can measure the consumption time of each App. You can also set a time limit in so that its use is limited when it exceeds the same time.

    To see the stats for this option, go to Settings and find the option Digital wellbeing and parental control. The first thing you will see is a simple graph with the applications you have been using during the day.

    The graph will indicate in which application you have spent the most time and the total consumption time. Below you can see the number of times you have unlocked your phone during the day and how many notifications you received.

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    If you want to view the information in more detail, you can select the total consumption time to view a list of the applications used in order of consumption. By selecting an application you will see the consumption it usually has during the week.

    The best thing this application offers is that it allows you to add a timer to applications to limit daily consumption. If you use up the time limit, you will not be able to use the application until the next day.

    Third party native apps

    There are companies like Huawei who prefer to create their own native applications for the devices they produce. Some manufacturers use the same name and others choose to change it or add different functions to it. L' interface it can change dramatically, depending on the model.

    In some particular Huawei Honor series models, the application name is Digital balance and it's a very similar version to Digital Wellbeing. Other versions do not offer a native application that allows direct application control, but a way to show you the consumption of each application.

    Access the options area of battery from settings . At the end, a list of recently used apps and their consumption time is displayed. Some versions offer a section in the battery options called Battery Usage and it shows a list of applications with the consumption time in each application.

    Third party applications to view statistics

    Very few cell phones do not have their own application for statistics, but anyway can always opt for a third party application . Many are free and can be found in the Play Store, some of the most popular are and.

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    The downside of using this type of application is that have access to information on your mobile. It might be interesting to know what kinds of applications people use and how they are used. If you already have a native application to view consumption statistics and control applications, it's best to just use that.

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