How to see augmented reality on my Android using Wikitude?

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Augmented reality consists in adding objects to your reality through IT processes. This augmented reality term was formally pronounced in 1992.

Augmented reality has made it over time big changes not only individually, but for different fields such as education, leisure, medicine, which today allows the innovation of this to reach your Android device.

How to see augmented reality on my Android using Wikitude?

    Differences between virtual reality and augmented reality

    It is common to confuse these terms but in the case of the virtual reality you need to have glasses that take you to the world you choose, being able to be in a totally different space from the one you are in right now.

    While the augmented reality, what it does is in the space where they can add more items . For example, if you want to play with zombies, what it does is add them to the road you are traveling on, making it an amazing step to boost your imagination.

    Are there any augmented reality programs in the Play Store?

    Of course, if you put "augmented reality" in the search engine, you will find that there are a significant number of apps that use this technology , some of which are:

    • 4D dinosaur
    • BBC Civilization AR.
    • Planets in augmented reality.
    • Zombie in augmented reality.
    • Pokémon go.
    • A ruler.

    What is Wikitude?

    It is an application designed to show you not only what your camera allows you to see, but this program also ensures you can see more than you can imagine , because it combines what you have around you with virtual images in real time.

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    Even when you go to the Wikitude website, the first thing you could see until about 2017 was a guy holding a tablet in which he saw a spaceship land on earth.

    While now when you enter it has a design more suited to the era , the first thing it shows you besides its augmented reality is the different options you can have to start using your apps.

    The great thing about this is that it can be used on any device without the need to launch a few lines of code, that is, its use is easy, because it can be understood by anyone for free, at least with the most popular applications.

    How do I integrate Wikitude with my Android device?

    The first thing you should do is enter the wikiitude page and you will see that this page is in English so it is a point you should consider.

    You should also look through the different options, among all you will get the image recognition one, which allows you to see a real picture through application modifications.

    This other option is recognition via geolocation, so below you will find several options that will lead you to find out how this page works, however it is important that you focus on how you want to use it. Once you know this, you can follow these steps.

    • You are about to download the SDK from wikiitude.
    • You are about to insert the downloads, you will have two SDKs available for Android which are the JavaScript API and the Native API.
    • Download the native API, wait for the download to complete.
    • You will have the file in downloads, unzip the file and verify it has different folders.
    • Go to the documentation section, on the wikiitude page.
    • When you are there you enter into establishing our project what it is Set up your project .
    • There it will indicate the steps to do it, open what you downloaded before and insert a new project, everything you cut and paste will still be placed, you will read it in the configuration instructions of your project.
    • In the end it is to copy the permissions in the file that you have in the previously opened documents.
    • When you're done copying and pasting, as required, what you do is sync the data.
    • And now you have your Wikitude ready to create a project from yours Android device .
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    What these steps allow you is to be able to create your own app with augmented reality, meaning what it allows you is that you can work from your Android to realize any idea that comes to your mind with the power of augmented reality.

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