How to see Google Maps 3D on my mobile or PC - Activate interactive maps

Cartography as a science has brought great advances over the centuries, and many safety elements , strategy and many elements that we ignore they depend on it , but maps are indeed a very useful element in daily and academic life, for this reason they are taken to other dimensions never thought of. Interactive maps are an example of cartographic and technological progress that does not hold up.

Now you can have this tool at your fingertips in a few simple steps, and be able to activate and view an interactive 3D map of Google Maps from your mobile or PC. Both in its traditional version and in the light and light version of Google Maps Go, one of the most essential information, that of the location, will be within the reach of a clip.

You may want to have the coordinates of a place, or use the tool to add or tag places, but the ability to take the geographic experience to new levels is something that cannot be ignored. View and activate a 3D map on Google Maps it is an extremely useful tool .

How to access and activate 3D mode in Google Maps?

You may have a special place that you want to see, out of curiosity or greater interest, and accessing it is such a high priority that pins or indicators are placed on Google Maps, so it is necessary to show a special way of seeing the places, let's talk of course from the Google Maps interactive 3D maps .

As expected, to be able to see an interactive 3D map of Google Maps from your mobile or PC, will be an option whose process is extremely simple , as the special tools that Google is developing, it adds them in its updates of its applications. Therefore, if the application is already up to date, you only need to perform a couple of steps.

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From the computer

In the case of the computer, if you click on the icon in the shape of a person, you can use the Street View service, with which you can see the environment freely and move through the streets of many places.

If, on the other hand, you want to see the normal map with satellite images and 3D figures, you will need to use Google Earth , which you can use both from your computer version and with the PC application. You can go to the official Google Earth site and search for the place you want to see in 3d, this option is located in the lower right part of the screen.

From a smartphone

In the case of Smartphones, seeing Google's interactive 3d maps is very simple, for this it is necessary to open Google Maps.

The first thing to do will be to insert it there you can see how the interface displays the map in a traditional way , before modifying the interactive 3D version, it is recommended to move the map away until you have a wider view, of an entire region, if possible, the change is more appreciated and becomes more interactive when you zoom in on the interactive 3D version.

On the right side of the interface, you can see an icon that varies depending on the managed version, in Android it is an icon that looks like a sheet on another and in the desktop version of Google Maps it looks like the globe, the truth is that in both the versions you have to make a clip or click on it, this will give you the choice between two views or two display styles, they are the " three-dimensional "and it" Street View ", taking from the three-dimensional, you can see the map interactively in 3D.

On the other hand, we also recommend that you download Google Earth on your mobile, which will allow you to see skyscrapers and buildings with 3d models. At the same time, if you can't find the Street View feature in Maps , you will definitely get it in Earth.

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Can you see an interactive 3D Google Maps map in all views?

We have to make an important observation, and it is that Google Maps, presents different visual styles , which will reflect very precise and detailed information that corresponds to the high criteria of quality and detail, which the Google company throws on all its products.

These visual styles are the basic elements on which the general visualization of maps in Google works, it comes to satellite visualization and survey visualization , and talking about it is necessary, since viewing maps interactively in 3D, can be confused with one of them, or try to apply or look bad.

The confusion arises between the satellite view and the interactive 3D map view version, a product of the high image quality that both will represent, so the public associates that in practice they are the same, but It is not so .

Satellite view is literally one vertical view of the earth which is exercised in connection with the satellite that emanates the image for display in mobile applications, from which elements of great strategic and interactive interest for the user are taken.

For its part, the interactive 3D view is a tool applied to the standard map view, which allows one closer and more detailed view of the space , therefore the interactive 3D version is applicable only in the standard view, and not in the satellite view and relief view.

How to enable 3D images?

All you have to do is download the Maps mobile app or use the browser on your PC . If, on the other hand, by 3d images you mean the modeled ones, you will need Google Earth, but if what you want is to see the interactive photographs in 3d, you can use Street View that presents both in Maps and in Earth and it is the ideal way to get to know an environment.

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Some tricks you should know when using Google Maps in 3D

We will mention what you should know about using Google Maps and its 3D functions. The following is more relevant when using Google Maps or Earth.

  • Offline folders: the functionality of the maps offline lets you download places and use them even if you don't have internet.
  • Traffic: use this Maps traffic feature to find out about traffic jams and traffic in your city.
  • Use Street View: ne we talked about before, but the Street View feature (the one with the person icon) will be great for getting to know any place. It presents a 3d environment with outstanding photographs.
  • You will be able to view detailed information: While using Maps, commercial premises will appear and you will be able to view detailed information such as their number or comments.
  • Routes and places: Google stores the places you have visited and your routes, so you can see the movements you have made.

Requirements necessary to use the 3D function of Google Maps

Fortunately, the requirements to use the 3d Google Maps function are not very high. In the case of PC, you will need to have at least one computer with Windows 7, MAC OS 10, Linux or Chrome OS . Each of these systems is expected to use the service.

In the case of cell phones, practically any modern device, both Android and iOS, can access the functions provided by Google Maps.

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