How to see if a printer is on the network and connected to my PC

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Printers are one an essential part of almost any job , their function is to print on sheets the documents that the user or users need. The problem occurs when there are multiple workers in a large office and they only have one printer.

However, for this, companies like HP have integrated the network function into their computers . This allows multiple computers to print to the same network printer device. How to set up my PC to connect to a network printer use usually one wired or wireless Ethernet connection . Once the printer is connected, we need to share it on the network. This is done so that multiple computers can access it and its users can print via Internet controls.

To make sure the printer is connected to our PC and to a network, we need to look at the configuration of the PC , in 'devices', then in 'printers and devices'. Here we will have the possibility to see which printers we have added to our PC and the option to add more.

When printing a document on a sheet via our network printer, if it is not connected to a network, the notification will appear on the screen immediately and the printing process will not be completed. If the printer is connected to a network, the process will be successful.

If you are using your mobile with the printer application, for print remotely , you can see if the printer is on the network simply by checking its status via the application menu.

Wired printer

You can set up your network printer by installing wireless access cables that you may have at home; such as a router or socket, so that it is provided with the Internet. To connect it successfully we give you the following tips

  1. Turn off both the printer and the device with Internet access
  2. Connect to the printer and computer preferably with a category 5 or higher cable
  3. Finally, you have to restart the two devices and that's it

A wireless printer

In this case, you won't have to implement annoying cables that sometimes we don't know what to do with it. To simplify this work it is possible to make a connection to a wireless network; that works with signals it transmits in the air and software.
Eventually you can connect it directly to the Wi-Fi network you have at home simply by performing a few simple steps. First of all check, verify and check in the manual of your printer if it connects to the network and how it works. So, if your wireless network has a password, you have to enter it and that's it; in this way the printer will be installed in Wi-Fi.

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  • Advantages of network printers

Share a printer with several computers

If you have multiple computers in your house and you want them all connected to your printer , it is possible to do it in a very simple and practical way. To get started, connect the cable that is an Internet source to the printer; now go to the computer and go to the start button, there you look for the option that says "devices and printers"

Once in this section, you have to click on add a printer; There you will come out to select "add a network printer, wireless or Bluetooth", click here and it will show you a new tab where you have to choose the type of device you want to connect to. This is where the final process begins and at each stage that appears, click "Accept or Next".

On the PC screen you will be notified that the connection was successful ; so you have to assign a particular name by which you can easily differentiate your printer and press next. Finally give the option that says "share this printer with other devices on the network". Then enter the network printer information on the other computers and they can be synchronized automatically.

Windows 7

As a user, you can make the your Windows 7 pc can connect to a printer on the network , read carefully and you will know how to do it in simple steps.

The main thing is configure the network and install the printer , without completing this it is not possible to proceed to the next steps. After verifying the above, then proceed to start up on your PC; you should look for devices and printers; Then select what you want to share, right click on it and go to its properties.

Next you need to click on share and you will see "share this printer", click there as well. It is possible to change the name assigned to the printer by the system, using the one you prefer; then click accept; Eventually, the printer is installed on the network and you can use it.

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Windows 10

When it comes to the new Windows 10 system, however, the process is very similar to the previous one ; but with the difference of a few words and a process that requires the addition of at least a few more instructions. As in the previous case, make sure the printer is installed and the network configured.

You go to the beginning, you look in the configurations of devices, scanners and printers; choose the printer you need to connect, then select manage; once here click on shared use and then on printer sharing. Other than that, you can change the name of the printer you are sharing and even share with the control panel for better and faster access.

Why doesn't my computer recognize my printer?

Sometimes computers fail to recognize the printer, this may be due to some causes ; for example, that it has been deconfigured, that the connection has been lost; It could also be that a cable is badly connected or is in the wrong port; Another case is that the printer has been restarted or formatted.

If you are presented with these circumstances or at least one; First what you need to check that the USB cable is connected correctly or, failing that, you have to change the door; you can also try to restart both computers (printer and internet); if it does not work, then it searches the pc if it has changed its name and reconnects; as a last resort, call a technician or specialist.

PING command

The PING command it is part of the Windows Command Prompt ; in this sense it can identify the connection established with some devices such as a printer. It immediately recognizes whether or not there is connectivity between both components; To do this, complete the following instructions.

  1. Look in start the command prompt
  2. Once the tab is open, write 'PING' and the computer's IP address in the first line
  3. Then the printer will start responding to commands, which means it worked
  4. If not, it will report "Unable to log into host"
  5. So the problem must be in the IP and not in the command

How to connect a printer to my PC?

When it comes to printers, different brands come to mind, and that's exactly what it is way to connect a printer to a computer or PC depends on which brand it deals with. Although the way to connect them is quite similar between all.

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This is the case with some printers, even multifunctional ones, which simply being connected to the PC via the USB cable , are ready to be used. Others require the installation of certain programs.

If you want connect a printer to a computer, you must take into account and follow the procedure that we will indicate below:

  • Make sure you have the USB connection cable of the printer so that you can connect it to your PC and make sure to place the printer in a stable place and close enough to the PC for it to establish the connection correctly
    Plug the printer into a source and press the power button on the printer
  • Connect the printer to the PC via the USB cable. It is recommended that the PC is already turned on and unlocked
  • Press the PC menu icon and select the section ' settings'
  • Press the option "devices", "printers or scanners"
  • Select " add printer or scanner " . The name of the printer that was previously connected with the USB cable should automatically pop out here. This name usually consists of the printer model along with other printer information.
  • press the printer name and select 'add device' e select the printer

Once the printer is connected to the PC, it will be displayed for printer installation and configuration a configuration to customize and possibly a software or driver to install.

The new printers come with a CD containing the program that you need to install after connecting it and, in case you don't have it, you can download it online .

Advantages of network printers

For some, the greatest advantage of network printers is that, regardless of where they are installed, you can order them to print the documents they want via a dial-up connection to the Internet.

Another advantage is that we will not need to have many cables in the place where it was installed. If the printer has an Internet connection stable and a power source, it will be enough. Likewise, it can be used with not just one, but multiple computers.

Some modern printers also have a mobile application from which it is possible send to print via a device mobile or tablet, we can also convert a wired printer to wireless with bluetooth.

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