How to see installed driver updates in Windows 10?

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Every component of a computer needs a program so that it is recognized and can make it work properly. While installing Windows 10, it applies a set of generic drivers that it updates.

Sometimes, you need to allow or block a program in Windows 10 firewall, to ease the driver installation process.

These are often not the right ones or have errors or one of the latest existing versions of Windows 10 is not available. Therefore, find out how see driver updates installed in Windows 10 .

Every element of a computer is manufactured with a driver or drivers for its operation and regularly these tend to be updated by manufacturers. Windows update is responsible for searching the Internet for these updates and installing them automatically.

      Driver updates from Windows Update

      Some driver updates of a component can generate instability or errors in the operation of the computer because they are not fully compatible. However, Windows update can still install them without warning or prompt about their update as easily as changing the Windows login image.

      It is essential to install the drivers dedicated to each component and the version that offers the best performance. This will allow any element of the computer to work in optimal conditions and with all the services it can develop.

      However, there is a way to view the update history of installed drivers in Windows 10, which allows you to check which drivers have changed specifically. It also makes it easier to uninstall said update.

      Steps to see driver updates installed in Windows 10

      There are two ways to see the driver updates installed in Windows 10. These methods differ in the ability to see the version number of the driver after its update.

      View driver updates via Windows Update history

      The first thing to view the Windows Update history is to enter the system settings. This is opened by the gear displayed at the bottom left of the Windows 10 start menu.

      Once the configuration window opens, you need to search and select the category “Updates and Security”. Next, in the menu on the left side of the window, you need to select the "Windows Update" option.

      After entering Windows Update, you can see the last time an update was applied to your computer, including drivers, plug-ins, or operating system updates. To access the detailed history, you need to click on the option "View update history" located at the bottom of this window.

      The different types of updates will be displayed in this new window. Therefore "Driver Updates" should be selected. All updates made within a 90 day interval will be displayed.

      You will also see various details about it, such as the name of the driver and device, the date it was installed and in some cases you can click on the title to access more specific details such as the version of the driver.

      View driver updates via "Device Manager"

      In cases where the driver details cannot be accessed ( such as upgrade version), these details need to be found in another way. Initially, you need to enter "Panel Check" in the system search bar located in the left area of ​​the taskbar and click on the option that appears.

      Then search and select "Device management" which will open an additional window in which all the devices that make up the computer will be displayed.

      In this list, double-click the device whose driver update details you want to know. As a result, the will appear properties window , which shows all the details of the item.

      In this window, you should go to the option " Controller " to see its details, such as the production date of the controller and its version. If you click on the "Events" tab, it will display the history of updates or installations made on that device. Thus showing the driver updates installed in Windows 10.

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