How to See Likes or Likes on Instagram Posts You Have Liked

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Social networks have grown and evolved year after year, they have gradually become part of our daily life since thanks to them we can be aware of the activity of all our friends and acquaintances, as well as being able to know everything the type of events in different parts of the world comfortably from our mobile device or computer.

Many of these they became popular in such a way that it is almost unlikely that anyone does not know of their existence as millions and millions of people are registered on these platforms. Among the most recognized worldwide we can mention some such as Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, Snapchat and, of course, Instagram.

The latter nominated got a significant impact on the market , thanks to its originality in terms of format of use and its different functions, tools, devices and services completely different from the other social media apps launched on the Play Store and App store. Shop. Without a doubt, since its inception, Instagram has managed to attract users' attention in a positive way.

But what does Instagram present that are innovative enough to make such an impact on the market? Don't worry, we explain it to you here . Below we will tell you about the different functions of this social network and which ones are considered the best, so without further ado, follow us and find out all the data, information and details related to this.

    What features and options does Instagram offer?

    Instagram has one long list of options and features absolutely unique and interesting that you won't find in other social media apps. If we are to do a short review on these it is absolutely sure that we must start with the stories. This feature is arguably the most popular tool on this platform.

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    Instagram Stories have been the main point with which this social network has got millions of users in its early years without any problems or inconveniences. It is a function with which we can publish all kinds of multimedia content such as images or videos, we can also share publications. The point is, these posts will only last 24 hours.

    Therefore, only people who are connected in that period of time will be able to see the publication, otherwise it will simply disappear . This feature has evolved over the years and the developers have implemented interesting new actions that can be added to stories, implements such as stickers, gifs, music, filters of all kinds and more.

    Another great feature of Instagram is that this platform is focused only on multimedia content , so we can only post photos or videos. Contrary to other social networks, where we can also write what we think and publish it as a post. This gives a touch of originality to the platform, proving different from the others.

    We will also have many more internal options, such as being able to save our stories, being able to archive our publications so that only we can see them, we can save the posts we like to see them later and we can also see the list of publications we have liked on the platform.

    How to see the likes or likes on the Instagram posts you liked?

    As we said before, being able to see the likes we have given in some publications is an interesting feature of Instagram. But how exactly can we do this? Stay with us and find out the steps to follow.

    • First of all, we will go to the button delimited by "3 stripes" that appears in the upper right corner of our Instagram profile.
    • Once this is done, we will look for the configuration box, which is located at the bottom of the menu that was presented to us and we will click.
    • From here we can see a large list of options, we will press the "account" section.
    • Once this is done, we will again be presented with a menu of options related to our account as such, there we will select "publications that you liked" and that's it. We will have access to all of this.
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