How to see my contacts saved in Gmail, where are they saved?

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It has happened to all of us that at some point in our life, we saved our telephone contacts in our Gmail account, automatically from our Android or iOS devices , even on our computers when we do not have our mobile phone at hand or it is simply downloaded.

It could be the case for some reason that your mobile phone is damaged or misplaced and you have no other option to get all your contacts than to search for them in your account after Gmail, you just don't know how. Don't worry, here in Look How It Is Done I will give you a short but complete explanation.

How to get Gmail contacts from my mobile?


  1. When you have your mobile at hand, you need to go to the application panel and open what it says "settings" .
  2. Once inside you have to press "account and password", then press " add account ", where you will finally select "Google".
  3. In this section it is necessary to enter the username and password of the email. Then select "Next".
  4. Activate where it says " contacts ". And on top, press" save ".
  5. Now you just have to go to the contacts application and there you will be able to see them.


  1. Once you have your mobile at hand, you should go to the application " settings ".
  2. Then scroll through the options until you find " account ", where are you going to enter.

  • Once inside select the Google option , making sure to hit where it says "sync contacts".
  • When you go to the contacts application on your Android, they should already be shown in a list.
  • How to get my Gmail contacts from my computer?


    1. once you are on your computer, you have to go where it says " system preferences ".
    2. You need to click on the option called "Internet Account".
    3. After that, you just have to click on the "Google" accounts.
    4. Once here, it is necessary enter username and password dell'email . After completing your details, you just have to select "Next".
    5. You need to make sure you check the box for that appears relative to "contacts".
    6. Now you just have to click "ready".
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    Windows 10

    1. Once on your computer, you need to enter the settings .
    2. In it you just have to enter " account ", then go to" email account "
    3. after entering you need to press where it says "add account and then select" Google "
    4. The next step is to enter your email username and password in the corresponding boxes.
    5. It remains only to review the permissions they indicate to you and click only where it says " skills "
    6. Ready, you will have your contacts again.

    My mobile does not sync automatically, what should I do?

    Many times we have cell phones which over time they become very obsolete or that they are badly configured and have different errors and for them the simple and common methods do not help us much, for this we must have a small space in our warehouse, you will see why.

    We have to download the Gmail application, (only in case it is not installed by default) and once inside, you just have to enter your username and password and then enter your email account, already in it just press the options, represented by three horizontal stripes at the top left of our screens.

    Once pressed, a list will appear in which you will scroll until you find "contacts". You have to press there, below are two scenarios, in which you have the application " Google contacts already installed by default or if you need to download it.

    If you need to download or update Gmail, just go to the Play Store and download its installation it will happen automatically . Once you enter the application panel, you will be able to view all your contacts without any problem.

    From this application called "contacts" you can combine or correct, create labels and configure them to your liking. It also allows you to add other Gmail accounts to access your contacts, you just have to click on "settings" then select "account" press where it says "Google" and finally enter the username and password of the email for this.

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