How to see the history of my private or twitter direct messages that I send

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The Twitter platform today has enabled millions of users around the world to be able to chat and interact almost directly. One of the tools to make this possible are the updates and 140-character messages offered by the system, and it is important to know how to see the history of sent messages whether they are private or direct.

It is totally free to be able to access the service of those private or direct messages on the Twitter network. And although they are public, can be released privately only showing to certain followers. You can also send private messages on Twitter to someone who doesn't follow me and who I follow. For this and more it is known as one of the most used websites in the world due to its versatility.

How to see the history of my private or twitter direct messages that I send

In reference to direct messages, you must have some outstanding details, such as knowing that even if you delete them from your account, the rest of the people who are in the conversation have the ability to continue seeing said messages from their devices. Please note that by deleting your group conversation, you will be blocked and will not be able to participate.

Your Twitter messages can be public and you can delete all old Tweets if you want and you have the benefit of private or direct messages. That can be seen only by the recipient you have selected.

Likewise, you will be able to see your first tweet and receive direct messages from anyone who wants to share information with you.


    Steps to follow to see the history of private or direct messages sent on Twitter

    It is possible to view the history of private or direct messages that you have sent from your platform. And if the conversation is in a group, you can also send these private messages and all group members will be able to see them.

    First you have to log into Twitter with your username and password and, if you are not registered, take the opportunity to open your account in the system, in order to enjoy all the advantages offered by the platform. Then on the right side of the main Twitter page, you will see your username.

    At the same time you will be able to see a menu with a series of options essential for managing your account. Among these options, you should select the option that indicates direct messages, and in that quick and easy way, you can see all the direct messages you own.

    Steps that will allow you to download the history of private or direct messages on Twitter

    To view a download of all Tweet history you've posted. And so to see all the messages that you have posted before, you have to first enter your Twitter page from your favorite browser. Enter the settings section immediately by clicking on the icon represented as a gear.

    Going into your Twitter account and settings section, select settings and you are just a few steps away from seeing all the history of private or direct messages that you have sent on your Twitter account. After entering the configuration area, access the section called account.

    When you enter the account section, you have to scroll to the bottom and press a button that says request your file. And right away you should receive a link to your email address with which you can download all the information you are requesting. To do this , Please enter your email address and click on the link.

    With this, the system redirects you to your Twitter account and you will see a button called download. You have to press the same and then in your download folder you will unzip the file and after opening the folder. Press index.html and you will automatically see all the information related to your posts regardless of the time of publication.

    There are various options that the Twitter system offers you to be able to see the history or information you manage within your system. So you don't have to worry when you need to retrieve information within the platform, you just need to follow the above steps.

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