How to see the name or nickname someone put you on WhatsApp Is it possible?

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WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in the world. Reaching two billion active users is impressive ... but exceeding that number? This is crazy!

However, they do. This application ha more amazing tricks to discover . One of them has to do with seeing the name or nickname a person put you on their WhatsApp.

It's possible? What will the difficulty level be? The answer is sure to blow your mind. So keep going down to find out.

    Nicknames on WhatsApp

    Many do not know the history of the most used application in the world. WhatsApp was born as a simple address book. The essence of the application was to upload the statuses to WhatsApp that they would have let your contacts know that you were available to chat . Nowadays, you can even upload long videos to WhatsApp.

    However, like everything else, evolution has had a big impact on this platform, including the exchange of messages. In a short time, WhatsApp would attract the attention of large companies wishing to invest in the project.

    By 2014, WhatsApp would have been acquired by Facebook. While retaining its main features, many plugins have been introduced. However, this did not cause a significant drop in the number of daily active users.

    Personalized agenda

    If there is one thing that continues to characterize WhatsApp, it is the way contacts are saved . When you add a new contact to your address book, if it has WhatsApp, it will automatically appear in the application.

    How will it look? Well, the same way you saved it. In this sense, it all depends on your tastes. There are people who like to save their users by first and last name. Others like to save their contacts by name only and others by nickname, being able to change or modify the name at any time.

    See the name of unsaved contacts in your WhatsApp

    Now, what happens when, being in a group, you exchange messages with an unknown contact? If you have paid attention to the messages, you will see that each of the group participants has a visible name .

    When installing WhatsApp, l'account must be configured with a username . That name will be visible to almost all contacts (depending on the privacy preferences you've selected).

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    If, on the other hand, an unknown or anonymous contact has sent you a message directly and you want to know his name, what should you do? Simple:

    • Click on the bar where you see your phone number.
    • This will allow you to enter the user's profile. Right below your profile photo, your username should appear.

    How to see the name or nickname that a person has put you on their WhatsApp?

    Many people are curious to know how someone else saved them on their agenda. Is there an easy way to find out? Yes, although it might be quite odd.

    Certainly there is no function with which to see the name or nickname that a person gave you on WhatsApp. What you can do is a little trick that will help you solve this dilemma.

    A good excuse and a very special request

    This is possible in the following way: you have to ask that person to share your contact . You can be yourself or someone else forwarding it to you. You will have to come up with a very good excuse so that this request has some logic ... even if it seems difficult, it is possible.

    If the other person doesn't know how to share your contact, you can guide them. Indicating that, for this, it is necessary to adhere to the following instructions:

      In this simple and peculiar way, it is possible to see the name or nickname that a person has given you on their WhatsApp. Even if it looks unorthodox, if you're lucky, it will work without major complications.

      The way you save your contacts on your phone can be quite special. Some people even use emojis to make their contacts stand out . And you? How did they save you on their WhatsApp?

      Is there any trick to knowing under what name they booked me on WhatsApp?

      The reality is that no, there is no concrete way you can actually find out who she is how they added you.

      This is because WhatsApp is one of the applications with the best cyber security around, since it has a number of users too high.

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      As a result, the development team of this app is always looking for new and creative ways to keep so sure a virtual privacy environment.

      If someone could see how you organized your virtual world, it wouldn't be private, and therefore the app it would violate its first statute , which is to offer instant communication in a completely private way.

      In case you want to check the status of your phone number in someone else's contact template, the only thing you can do is check that this person added you to your contact list.

      This is a quick and easy process, because WhatsApp only allows you to send group messages to contacts who have added you.

      In this case, you will need to follow this procedure that is 100% effective:

      • You will open WhatsApp and you will remain on the main screen, you will not have to enter any conversation.
      • If you are an observer, you will notice that at the top right you can see a button characterized by being 3 points on top of each other.
      • This button will open a small menu that will allow you to access some special WhatsApp options. Among them is the option 'New group message'.
      • Clicking on this option will take you to another screen where you can see all the contact names added to your phone.
      • To start the verification process, you will need to select the contact of the person you want to verify and another number or contact that you will use to activate the function group message.
      • When you send the message, only people who have added you to their contact list will be able to see it. If the message never reaches the recipient (it stays on the watch or just with a sign, not both) it means that person has not added you to his contact list.

      How to know how you signed up for WhatsApp from an iPhone

      It is important that you know that compared to WhatsApp it is known that all its features are the same between Android or iPhone. This is still a law that applies in case of a control of your name in someone's contact list.

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      That is why due to the great difficulty this task entails, we will name you a number of procedures that you may have when trying to obtain this information. We remind you that all these methods they are completely legal.

      We highlight the issue of legality because you don't have to do a lot of internet research to get an entry in the millions of blogs on the internet that says you have to "hack" the device of the person you want to verify. This is wrong and it is by no means an idea that we endorse on this website.

      If you know someone who is actively trying to access someone else's Google or WhatsApp account, it is important to report this to the authorities as this is a classic case of cybercrime of identity theft. That said, to verify your name in someone's contact list, you can:

      • Use the classic method of borrowing a call : in case it is a person you see constantly / has physical contact (i.e. they see each other in a physical place), you can ask them for a call to be able to access their mobile phone. When they agree to lend you the call, ask for the phone number under the pretext of writing the number. Right now you type in your number and look at your contact information.
      • The method of ' I forgot my mobile number ': To do this, you will need to write to the person you want to check if by chance they can do you the favor of sending you a photo of your contact profile because you have forgotten your number information. It almost always works.
      • Finally, you can use the method of ' Can you please send my contact 'X person'? ': This is the least common and, as the name implies, implies that you are allying yourself with another person and that you ask the favor of the person you are about to verify to send your contact information to a third party, who will verify the data and we will forward them to you.
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