How to Sell Your Clothes Online on Renueva - Complete Tutorial

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Say goodbye to those old clothes that are stored in your closet. Not anymore, we have a wonderful application for you where you can sell your used clothes (but which are in good condition) online quickly and easily and best of all you can do it from the comfort of your home.

    What is Renovate your closet?

    Renew your closet is the perfect application for selling clothes , many times we wake up and we don't know what to wear and we have to struggle to find the perfect garment, leaving behind clothes that may be new but we don't like them anymore or we just want to stop using them and that's it. Just like the name implies, make your wardrobe fresh! forget the old clothes. The best thing about this page is that not only do you have to sell your clothes, but you can also check if you find something for yourself.

    As we said before, Renew your Closet is a platform designed by an entrepreneur to give more women the opportunity to sell their clothes or buy what they want or use on the web, offering the best prices on the market. Currently this application brings together more than 150 thousand users who want buy and sell your own clothes.

    I start selling my clothes in Renew your Closet

    First, for start selling your clothes on the page you have to create an account, this is quite simple, in fact the app has the option that you can register with your Facebook and this is just one click away from your account in Renew your The closet is ready and you can start offering the items you want.

    In the case of use the application from long time and you are already tired, you can easily learn how to delete or cancel your account Renew your closet.

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    How to sell my clothes in Renew your Closet?

    • Go to the main page of Renew your closet
    • Click on "sell" button
    • Two options will immediately appear: Woman or Child , depending on the garment you are about to offer, select one of the options.
    • If your garment is for women, the following characteristics will appear: beauty, haute couture, footwear, accessories, clothing.
    • Select the one that matches the product you want to sell.
    • Finally complete the form shown below

    Selling your clothes it's very simple, the best of all this is that you can earn money fast and online, take all the clothes you no longer use and publish them, there are people who want to buy them, something very exciting about the platform is that it makes it easy to use with all the tools and the options available, is very complete.

    If you have managed to make a sale, the next thing you should do is go to the nearest shipping company, you have 5 working days to do it and when the package reaches the recipient you will have a credit on your account, this means that if you sell more ! you can earn more credit! You can use this credit on the same page or withdraw it to a bank account.

    Tips for selling your clothes faster

    Since you know all about how to sell your clothes the easy way, we will give you some tips that can be very useful. It is important that the clothes you want to sell are in excellent condition or new , no one wants to receive damaged clothes, much less if they have already paid for them.

    On the platform you can interact in a certain way with other users, you can have followers on your profile, if you get enough followers and likes you will have more opportunities to sell your clothes faster. This is used by many people who have some reputation on the internet, which is usually achieved by uploading videos or images to various websites that allow you to make money and become an influencer.

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    Photos are the key to selling, the best thing you can do is take your photos with natural light and a warm background, that look cute and eye-catching. You have the ability to share your closet on social networks and achieve greater range.

    Nobody likes to wait, this is very true, so answer the questions of your future buyers as quickly as possible and they will notice that you are a careful seller, this leaves a great impression.

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