How to send audio or voice notes through my Gmail email

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Many of the social networks which are at the pinnacle of popularity are due to the ability to easily send voice notes, as it is much more convenient for today's users to send a voice note, rather than writing a lot of words, especially when having a long conversation. This saves a lot of time for inactive people.

And is that this improves the trustworthiness within the conversation since listen to the voice it gives you a little more safety and security and thus avoids instruction errors since in a text a single word that is misspelled or without any punctuation marks can be interpreted in another way.

    Is it possible to send audio from the Gmail mobile app?

    Voice Notes allow you to establish more effective communication, as your message is clearer which is why most instant messaging applications allow you to send voice notes ; however, Gmail does not enforce this feature in its settings.

    And it's really a shame that Gmail doesn't offer the ability to record audio directly from its interface, as that's a really vital feature. However, if there are ways to send voice or audio notes via Gmail , obviously notes previously recorded in other apps.

    Steps to send voice memos in Gmail from Chrome

    from Google Chrome extensions you can use them to send voice notes, since extensions are like an application that installs in your browser, it will allow you to record and use your computer resources.

    Open extension contacts and record audio in Gmail

    In a PopUp window that allows you to record the voice memo directly from Gmail , and then send it as a file, without the need for third parties, quickly and easily. To use it you should just:

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      Continuing with the Google Chrome extension, Nat.App-Record audio in Gmail, works for record audio from the Gmail message writer panel, unlike the previous application, this one keeps its button in the lower menu bar, which you just have to select and go.

      The best applications to send audio via Gmail

      To solve the problem of not being able send voice notes in Gmail , you can download an application from your Android, directly from the Play Store, so it is a completely safe and certified application and it won't steal your private data.

      Easy voice recorder

      With a weight of 8 MB, the application EasyVoiceRecorder allows you to record audio and share it with any compatible application you have installed on your mobile device.

        Email MyMail: Email Hotmail e Gmail

        This App manages all your email accounts in one application, so you won't have to download a separate application for each of the emails you manage, otherwise you can have Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, Outlook, iCloud, Live, Exchange, GMX, IMAP o POP3 in one interface.

        In addition to allowing you to read, reply and send messages while each of the different email applications works, myMail allows you to attach files as voice memos.

        How can I attach an audio saved on my mobile by post?

        In Gmail, you can add attachments such as photos, documents, PDFs, and audio.

        To attach an audio file from Android:

          To attach an audio file from iPhone:

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