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Currently it is very common to use our email address , other times we don't use it unless its use is mandatory due to external factors such as studies or the work you do, but in recent times it has been our most important tool. being able to access other key elements or applications and this is where Gmail comes from.

However, very little is known about how this type of system really works, or sometimes we don't even know how to email our teacher or boss, we find ourselves trapped using something that simple from our mobile device, tablet, computer or laptop that us Some functions frequently used are difficult to perform correctly .

Here because we will explain step by step how to create an email account to properly attach and send your files to anyone who needs to send this information. In this tutorial opportunity, we'll use the Google giant's email service called Gmail, which started out as internal mail for Google's company, but managed to roll out to the general public in 2004.

    1. Crea un account in Gmail

    To create an account you have to search for the word gmail in the Google Chrome browser , you will click there and this page will open; being here you have two options: log in (if you already have an account) or create a new one.

    When you choose to create an account, a small form will appear that you will need to fill in with some of your basic personal information (name, surname, date of birth, gender, telephone number); also create your email and password.

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    2. Log in to Gmail

    After registering your account, you will be able to log in from any device , only using the email you created and the relative password (we recommend that they are easy to remember and in order not to forget these data you can write them in a notebook and / or diary). But if you forget your password, you can easily recover it.

    Once inside your Gmail account, a welcome will appear as a start offered by the same server, as well as allowing you to make personal changes to the colors, organization and other options of your account. Also from there it is possible view multiple mail folders such as received, sent, drafts, spam, etc ...

    Now, how to send an email to Gmail?

    When you are in the main menu of the application, click on the circle with the cross that looks like it to the plus symbol (+); Once the card is loaded, you will get three parts that make up the new message, the first is who you want to send the email to, the second is the subject of the email and finally the body or content of it. Once you have completed all of this, simply hit submit.

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    When you want to share a document in a special format that does not have a direct written relationship, i.e. included in the package of Microsoft elements such as word, excel, power point, it can also be a jpg or png photo, a PDF file and even a video, you need to attach each of these elements to the body of your email , for this you have to follow the following steps:

      In this way you can attach several files and send them with extreme ease from your desktop or personal computer to mobile devices, by completing those simple steps indicated above.

      How to attach multiple files in Gmail

      To perform this function is enough execute the previous instruction as many times as you deem necessary , so that all files are sent at the same time in the same message. This way you can easily get a more efficient shipping and without complicating so much.

      It also allows you to add text to the message without having to delete any documents and also to send it to people you have an affinity with regarding the information provided.

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